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John Molyneux (academic)

John Molyneux (born c. 1948)[1] is a British Trotskyist, academic and author. He has been a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party before retiring to Ireland, where he became active in the Irish SWP and is editor of Irish Marxist Review.

Molyneux was a lecturer at the School of Art, Design and Media, University of Portsmouth,[2] from 1992.[1]

During his time in Portsmouth he organised a number of demonstrations, including getting 12 coaches of people to the 2003 demonstration against the Iraq War, in London. In January 2009 he was arrested for organising a peace rally of 400 people against the Israeli attacks on Gaza.[1]

He is known for writing a bulletin headed "Democracy in the SWP", which argued that, though the SWP is democratic, it needs to be more so, prompting the Weekly Worker, the organ of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) to call him a "loyal rebel".[3] In 2006 he set up a blog where he 'writes mainly about Marxist theory and art'.

His book The Point Is To Change It! was included in a display at the Tate Liverpool’s exhibition Art turning Left (2013) showing the role that art plays in changing society.


  • Marxism and the Party (1978) - ISBN 0-906224-28-4
  • Leon Trotsky's theory of revolution (1981)
  • What is the real Marxist tradition? (1985)
  • Arguments for Revolutionary Socialism (1987)
  • 'National Oppression and National Liberation Movements'
  • The Future Socialist Society (1997) - ISBN 0-905998-60-X
  • Rembrandt and Revolution (2001) - ISBN 1-872208-15-0
  • Terrorism
  • The necessity of Respect (2004)
  • Anarchism: A Marxist Criticism (2011) - ISBN 978-1-905192-88-5
  • Will the Revolution be Televised? A Marxist Analysis of the Media (2011) - ISBN 978-1-905192-91-5
  • The Point is to Change It! An Introduction to Marxist Philosophy (2012)[4][5]
  • Lenin for Today (2017)


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