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John Boswell (publishing-business figure)

John Boswell (born 1945) is a book packager, literary agent, and author in New York City.

He was the subject of a New York Times article on book packaging, which described it as coming up with the idea for a book, writing a proposal, and finding a writer.[1]

Two books he co-wrote, French for Cats (1992, with Henry Beard)[2] and O.J.'s Legal Pad (1995, with Henry Beard and Ron Barrett),[3] have reached the New York Times Best Seller list. On some book jackets, he also takes credit for co-writing the number-1 bestseller What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School,[4] although the only listed author is Mark H. McCormack.[5]

Boswell was also a producer of Leslie Nielsen's Stupid Little Golf Video and appears in it as an "unsuspecting golfer".


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