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John Alite

John Edward Alite also known as Johnny Alletto is an American FBI informant. He was an associate of the Gambino crime family and John A. Gotti from 1988-1991. John Alite became a confidential informant for the FBI to avoid a lengthy jail sentence for kidnapping.

Early life

Alite was born on September 30, 1962 in Queens, New York City; his grandparents were Albanian immigrants[1] from Gjirokastër,[2] and grew up in Woodhaven, Queens. In 2009, his ex-wife Carol complained, while testifying in court, that Atile owed her money in child support for his two children; he later married Claudia DiPippa.[3][4]

Meeting Gotti

Alite and Gotti met when Gotti and his crew were extorting Alite because he was drug dealing on Gambino turf.

Alite became a valet in Tampa, Florida. Authorities said Alite alleged he had mob ties to threaten and intimidate others in the Tampa valet business and overstating his relationship with Gotti and the Gambino's.[5] Prosecutors, and Alite, also say that he also arranged for the purchase of Mirage, a Tampa nightclub.[6]

In 1995, Charles Carneglia and Alite were involved in a major conspiracy to murder John A. Gotti.[7] Later that year, Alite was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm in violation of a parole agreement and spent three years in prison. After his release, Alite earned an additional three months back in prison for acting as a go-between for corrupt prison guard Troy Kemmerer who was smuggling sperm donation kits in and out of Allenwood Federal Prison for inmate Antonino Parlavecchio, who was trying to impregnate his wife Maria.[8]

As federal racketeering indictments were handed down for his group's activities in the Tampa area, Alite fled to Rio de Janeiro in January 2004 and lived and worked in the Copacabana neighborhood, according to the Brazilian Federal Police. He lived there for 10 months before authorities arrested him. He served two years in prison in Brazil and was eventually handed over to federal authorities in Tampa, for trial in 2006.[9]

Government informant

In 2006, Alite came forward to take the stand and end his confidential status with the government in order to be extradited out of a Brazilian jail. Alite agreed to testify in the trial of Gambino family enforcer Charles Carneglia.[10]

Federal prosecutors made him a witness in their unsuccessful racketeering trial against Gotti after being caught in a series of lies on the stand. Prosecutors charged that Gotti ordered the murders of George Grosso and Bruce Gotterup, who prosecutors said were part of the drug ring Gotti operated in Queens. Alite's testimony was largely undermined during cross examination[11] After 11 days of deliberations, the jury sent word that they were deadlocked and Judge P. Kevin Castel declared a mistrial. Interviewed after the trial, jurors said that they had not trusted Alite.[12][13]


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