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Jiangnan (disambiguation)

Jiangnan (formerly romanized as Kiangnan) refers to the region south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China.

Jiangnan may also refer to:


  • Jiangnan Circuit during the Tang dynasty
  • Southern Tang (937–976), a state which renamed itself Jiangnan in 971
  • Jiangnan Province, a defunct province existed in the early Qing dynasty. Reorganized from South Zhili of Ming dynasty, it was roughly parallelled to a combination of Jiangsu, Shanghai and Anhui nowadays. In 1661, the east part and the west part were split apart as two separate provinces. They were renamed Jiangsu and Anhui respectively in 1667. Still, the noun referred to then Jiangsu Province generally later.



  • Henry Liu (1932–1984), writer in Republic of China who used the pen name Jiang Nan


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