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Jann (legendary creature)

Jann (Arabic: جان‎, jann) is a type of Jinn in Arabian- and Islam-related lore which has several meanings:

  • Designation for the Jinn-genus, to distinguish them from the term "Jinn" as a collective noun for all supernatural creatures.[1]
  • The father of all Jinn created from the fires of samum, sometimes identified with Iblis or Azazel.[2][3]
  • A primitive type of Jinn, which dwelled on earth before the actual Jinn emerged or a transformed type of Jinn, comparable how apes are related to humans. These Jann are regarded as the most harmless class of supernatural creatures.[2]


Jann from the Semitic root JNN is an Arabic term, whose primary meaning is "to hide" and can also refer to an agile snake.[4] In the Quran this term appears in Surah 15:27 and Surah 27:10 to designate a supernatural creature or a serpent.[5]


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