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Jangal Santhal

Jangal Santhal, also known as Jangal Santal (1925 – 3 December 1988) from Hatighisa village,[citation needed] Darjeeling district in north West Bengal, is one of the founders of the Naxalite movement[1] (along with Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal).

Santhal was a well-respected figure among the Adivasi sharecroppers, peasants and tea labourers of the hill and tarai areas of Darjeeling district. He stood unsuccessfully for elections in February 1957 and 1962 on a Communist Party of India and also in 1967 on a Communist Party of India (Marxist) ticket.

On 18 May 1967, Santhal was part of a Peasants' Council that resolved to re-distribute the land to the sharecroppers, via armed struggle. On 23 May, a sharecropper peasant was beaten up by the landlord's men while attempting to till his allotted land.[1] The next day, when a police party headed by inspector Sonam Wangdi arrived to arrest some peasant leaders, they were ambushed by Santhal's group armed with bows and arrows. Sonam Wangdi was killed.[citation needed] In retaliation the police open fired killing nine women and one child on 25 May 1967.[2]

Santhal was eventually arrested on 10 August 1967 and he was released in 1979, but found himself isolated. He died on 3 December 1988.[3]


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