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Janez Krstnik Dolar

Jan Křtitel Tolar (Latin/German: Joannes Baptista Dolar, Czech: Jan Krtitel Tolar, also Tollar or Thollary) (c. 1620, Kamnik) – 1673, Vienna) was a composer and contemporary of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Andreas Hofer and Pavel Josef Vejvanovský.

Dolar composed some large scale instrumental and vocal works, notably:

  • Sonata à 13: 2 Violini, 2 Viole, Fagotto, 2 Clarini, 2 Cornetti, 4 Tromboni, Violone & Organo.
  • Miserere mei Deus: SATB, SATB in concerto, SATB, SATB in cappella, 2 Violini, 2 Viole, 2 Clarini, 2 Cornetti Muti, 3 Tromboni, Violone & Organo.
  • Missa Viennensis: SSSSAAAATTTTBBBB in concerto, SATB in cappella, 2 Cornetti, 2 Clarini, 4 Tromboni, Fagotto, 3 Violini, 2 Violae, Violoncello, Violone, Organo.