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Itneg language

Native toPhilippines
Native speakers
17,000 (2003)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
itb – Binongan Itneg = Adasen language - Ba-i Lagayan and Tineg
iti – Inlaod Itneg
itt – Maeng Itneg
tis – Masadiit Itneg
ity – Moyadan Itneg
Itneg dialect continuum map.png
Areas where the various Itneg dialects (including Kalinga Itneg) are spoken according to Ethnologue

Itneg is a South-Central Cordilleran dialect continuum found in the island of Luzon, Philippines. This language and Ilocano are spoken by the Itneg people (sometimes also referred to as the "Tingguian people") in Abra province.

Several ethnic-Itneg dialects are taxonomically part of the neighboring Kalinga language.

Locations and dialects

Ethnologue reports the following locations for each of the 5 Itneg languages.

However, Ronald Himes (1997)[3] recognizes 2 dialects for Itneg, namely Binongan (eastern) and Inlaod (western).


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