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Israel and Islamophobia

Islamophobia often involves the strategy of targeted elimination and harassment of a population of Muslims.[1] This tactic is common in other countries such as Myanmar and India, as indicated by an opinion piece about British political parties.[2] Unlike Myanmar and India, Islamophobia in Israel often takes the form of spreading Islamophobia in other countries. This includes abusing power by justifying the harassment of Palestinians within territories under Israel's control, as well as supporting aggression towards Muslim people. This strategy has become less frequent over time, due to multiple agreements and treaties. Islamophobia within Israel is considered an issue of social injustice.[1]

Lobbyists in Israel have often given support to many of the tactics employed by the government. Many groups such as the Carter Center condemn Islamophobia and its many forms. These groups support advocates for peace and justice in Palestine. In order to counter these measures, the government often applies allegedly racist and McCarthyist campaigns and tactics.[3]

International Organizations

Israel has been claimed by left-wing activists to employ six major organizations to promote Islamphobia. These organizations form a network which has the purpose of promoting Islamophobia, and are called sayanim in the Hebrew language, which means helpers or assistants.[1] Most of these organizations are Zionists, and are claimed to have powerful positions in American society from which they can execute powerful campaigns and tactics, especially when they work together. For example, journalists can work with lobbyists and others to promote information or analysis that are useful to Israel. For many years, there was an apparent connection between sayanim and the Mossad.[1] According to a 2010 report from the Reut Institute, the organizations that are claimed to be involved in coordinating these tactics had responsibility transferred to the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs[4]. The sayanim try to inform the public by using any kind of media to "help shape public opinion". Forming and organizing propaganda in other countries was considered a responsibility of Ministry of Strategic Affairs. Larudee claimed, in a self-described radical newsletter, that "A successful program of Islamophobia campaigns helps to support Israel’s programs of mistreatment of Palestinians in Gaza, its settlements in and economic strangulation of the West Bank, its invasions of Lebanon, its attacks against Syria, and its promotion of US wars against Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya and Syria".[1]


IJAN reports that three hundred million dollars were allotted to propaganda and surveillance in order to support these campaigns by 2015. IJAN wrote that there are seven major intermediaries that prepare financial needs to promote Islamophobic thoughts and anti-Palestinian hostility. The connection between Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism have become more obvious and interconnected.

American role

Many Islamophobic beliefs center around the attacks of 11 September 2001.[5] American Zionist groups (both Jewish and Christian) , used this as a tool to spread their Islamophobic beliefs to the public.[5]

According to the reports from the Center for American Progress, Israel's role in the spread of these beliefs have been successful due to support from many different groups. Supporters of Islamophobia have given $11 million to Israel-related causes.[6]


Graffiti in Israel about Islam

Israel lobbyists and politicians have made an effort to destructively influence academics and campus advocates.[3] On April 6, 2018, as The Forward was nominated to support anti-Muslim campaigns, the U.S. Jewish leader Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, gave $1.1 million to secure The United States of America at this time.[3]

If it is said that a person is "pro-Israel", he has to establish peace between Israel and its neighbors. This peace process has been considered more than simply a matter of international relations; it is the internal identities of Israel and its many neighbors. The prospects of peace are damaged by false dichotomies in the complicated region, although there is seen many ambiguities in the peace process. False dichotomies can be made by the ideology of Islamophobia promoted in New York City subways. They create false dichotomies to decrease peace by such as the saying, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”[7]

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