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Irish presidential election, 1966

Irish presidential election, 1966

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Turnout 65.3%
  Eamon de Valera c 1922-30.jpg No image.png
Nominee Éamon de Valera Tom O'Higgins
Party Fianna Fáil Fine Gael
Popular vote 558,861 548,144
Final percentage 50.5% 49.5%

President before election

Éamon de Valera
Fianna Fáil

Elected President

Éamon de Valera
Fianna Fáil

The Irish presidential election of 1966 was the fifth presidential election in Ireland and was held on 1 June 1966. Outgoing president Éamon de Valera, 83 and with a rapidly deteriorating eyesight, reluctantly agreed under pressure from his Fianna Fáil party to seek a second term. Fine Gael decided to run one of its younger TDs, Tom O'Higgins, against him. In an astonishing upset, O'Higgins came within 1% (or 10,718 votes) of defeating de Valera, who had been the predominant force of the republic since 1932 and led the government for decades until his ascent to the presidency in 1959. De Valera left the blame for this near-defeat with his campaign manager Charles Haughey.


Irish presidential election, 1966[1]
Party Candidate 1st Pref % Seat Count
Fianna Fáil Éamon de Valera 558,861 50.5 1 1
Fine Gael Tom O'Higgins 548,144 49.5
Electorate: 1,709,161   Valid: 1,107,005   Spoilt: 9,910 (0.9%)   Quota: 553,503   Turnout: 65.3%
Popular vote
de Valera

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