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Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque

Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque
Dira Square.JPG
CountrySaudi Arabia
Interior area16,800 m2

The Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque (also known as The Grand Mosque of Riyadh) is an active place of worship in Riyadh named after Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad. Seating 17,000 worshippers [1] and measuring 16,800 m2,[2] it is one of the largest mosques in Saudi Arabia.[1]

The exterior and upper portion of the interior is primarily brown Arriyadh Limestone [2] which appears golden when lit up at night.[1] The lower portion of the interior is in white marble. The structure includes separate men's and women's libraries of 325-m2 each.

The mosque is directly connected from the first floor to Qasr Al-Hukm Palace via two bridges across Assafah Square.[2]


A Grand Mosque existed on the site for decades but was rebuilt by the Arriyadh Development Authority and reopened in January 1993.[2]



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