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I Made It (Fantasia song)

"I Made It"
Song by Fantasia featuring Tye Tribbett
from the album The Definition Of...
Released July 29, 2016 (2016-07-29)
Recorded 2014–15
Studio LLC/Motown Gospel Studio
(Brentwood, Los Angeles, California)
Genre Gospel
Length 5:40
  • Tye Tribbett
  • David Outing
  • Tye Tribbett
  • David Outing
The Definition Of... track listing
"Lonely Legend"
"I Made It"

"I Made It" is a song recorded by American singer Fantasia, featuring American singer-songwriter Tye Tribbett. It was written and produced by Tribbett and David Outing for Fantasia's fifth studio album, The Definition Of... (2016). Tribett developed it in collaboration with Fantasia, blending her personal testimony and his experiences with God into the lyrics. Fantasia described it as a highly personal song, explaining that it was about refusing to let people control her and moving forward from her past struggles. "I Made It" is an uptempo gospel record and its lyrics revolve around an appreciation for God and faith.

"I Made It" received generally positive reviews from music critics who praised its composition and cited it as a reason that Fantasia should record a gospel album. The single received a nomination for the Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award in the BET Awards 2017, losing to Lecrae's 2016 song "Can't Stop Me Now (Destination)". It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart, and remained on the charts for 24 weeks. Fantasia first performed the track on a BET concert special. She also sang it on Good Morning America, as well as on Tribbett's show Joyful Noise. Her performances on Good Morning America and Joyful Noise were met with positive feedback.

Concept and development

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"I Made It" was partially based on Fantasia's life experiences, specifically her attempted suicide.[1]

"I Made It" was written and produced by Tye Tribbett and David Outing.[2] Prior to its release on her album The Definition Of... (2016), Fantasia had played a portion of the song on Periscope and revealed to her fans that she worked with Tribbett. In the video, she incorrectly reported that she had handled the songwriting by herself.[3] Tribbett explained its concept and his collaboration with Fantasia to Christine Thomasos of The Christian Post, saying: "We've been talking about working together for a minute. So when the opportunity came it was kind of like a no brainer".[1] He said that he instantly agreed to work with Fantasia after receiving a phone call to write a song for her.[4] Fantasia had contacted Tribbett at the suggestion of music executive Ron Fair.[5] Prior to the writing process, Tribbett had asked to "do it on [his] terms" and "maintain the integrity of his message" by creating an inspirational gospel record. He used Fantasia's testimony, as well as his own experiences with God, as inspiration for the lyrics. He described the song as the result of a close connection between Fantasia and himself: "I basically just combined testimonies between her and myself when I wrote the song and it resonated so richly with her, her audience and with everybody."[1]

Through her Twitter account, Fantasia discussed how she feels a strong connection between her music career and her Christian faith. When asked whether she would record a gospel album, she responded that all of her music was already a part of the genre and that "[she] take[s] God with [her] everywhere [she] go[es]".[3] While promoting the single "Lose to Win" (2013), she said she had a strong faith in religion and believed God had a plan for her.[6] In an interview with Billboard, Fantasia explained The Definition Of... was developed to expand on the "rock soul" sound she introduced on her previous album Side Effects of You (2013). She defined "rock soul" as encompassing multiple genres, explaining it as an attempt to combine her soulful childhood singing in church with "a certain side of [her] that wants to tap into that whole rock world".[7] According to Fantasia, "I Made It" was the first gospel song that she had written by herself. She said that she "was able to release everything I was carrying" by creating the record.[3]

"I Made It" was recorded at the Motown Gospel Studio in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Tribbett appeared on the song courtesy of Tye Tribbett Worldwide, LLC and Motown Gospel. Fantasia's vocals were arranged by Tribbett and Fair. The strings were arranged and conducted by Fair. Dan Higgins arranged the horns, and Tim Davis served as the choir master. Fantasia's vocals were engineered by Fair and Pat Thrall at the Record Plant in Los Angeles. The strings and horns were engineered by Frank Wolf.[2]

Composition and lyrics

"I Made It" is a gospel song that lasts five-minute, 40-second.[2][4][9] Instrumentation is provided by piano, organ, vibraphone, glockenspiel, harmonica, and a guitar. The instruments were played by Tribbett, Fair, Paul Jackson, Jr., and Frank Brunot.[2]

Fantasia told Us Weekly that the lyrics revolve around "how I don't let people talk about me like they used to [and] I control how I feel". She said the song deals with her attempted suicide and demanding relationships with her family, and how she wanted to bless people through her personal story and music.[1] During an interview with Rolling Stone, Fantasia said the following about the song's message: "I wanted people to know that I've been through the rain, I 've been broken into pieces, I had a daughter at such a young age. There were times people would say, 'That's it for her,' but that didn't happen."[10] Christian Today's Czarina Ong referred to "I Made It" as Fantasia's "victory song" and "her song of success".[11] According to Rito P. Asilo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the song represents how Fantasia has reconciled with her feelings of "heartbreak, betrayal, and the character-forming pain of rejection and failure".[12]

The song opens with Fantasia's testimony: "Listen, I done made it through the storm and the rain / So much heartache, pressure, so much pain / I been broken in two pieces, maybe more / And some nights I made my bed right on the floor."[13] The lyrics contain direct references to Christianity, with Fantasia singing: "Thank you for never leaving me Lord Jesus!".[4] She continues to express her gratitude with the lyrics: "You're the only one that never left me when everyone else just didn't care, you're the only one that really loved me. I made it. I made it through the storm." She describes having a close relationship and faith in religion by singing: "I got to say thank you Lord for keeping me, for grace and mercy. I thank you, because I made it!"[14] According to Devin Lazerine of Rap-Up, Fantasia "triumphantly" expresses the song's message through her vocals on lyrics such as "I made it I made it, y’all! Still standing."[15]


"I Made It" received mostly positive reviews from music critics. It was nominated for the Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award in the BET Awards 2017,[16] but lost to Lecrae's 2016 song "Can't Stop Me Now (Destination)".[17] The Boombox's Amber McKynzie commended Fantasia for openly sharing her story.[8] In a positive review of the song and album, a contributor for EEWMagazineOnline wrote that it represents how Fantasia has become: "[a] defiant and determined singer [who] is now playing by her own rules and refusing to be defined by the times, others' expectations, or genres".[4] Chuck Arnold of Entertainment Weekly labeled "I Made It" one of the album's key tracks, describing it as a "spiritual turn-up". He followed this up by saying that the song could have been the finale for the musical The Color Purple, and felt that the song reflected how Fantasia should further pursue gospel music.[18] On the other hand, AllMusic's Andy Kellman referred to it as a "triumphant Tye Tribbett-driven gospel belter", but cited it as an example of the album's uneven sound.[9]

"I Made It" debuted at number 29 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart on September 10, 2016. It reached a peak position of number 15 on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart, and remained on the charts for 24 consecutive weeks.[19]

Live performances

Fantasia first performed "I Made It" during the first in a series of live concerts Broadcast by the cable TV channel BET on July 28. Billboard's Lauren Craddock viewed the performance as Fantasia "embrac[ing] her gospel background".[20] Fantasia performed the song on Good Morning America on July 25, 2016.[15][21] Tribbett responded positively to the performance on his Instagram account, writing: "What an honor to bring glory to GOD on such a platform."[21] It was also praised by reviewers from Rap-Up and EEWMagazineOnline as "powerful" and "outstanding".[4][15] On October 16, 2016, Fantasia sang it for the first time live with Tribbett on his BET gospel music show Joyful Noise.[1] A preview was released through BET four days prior to the broadcast.[22] Christine Thomasos praised Fantasia and Tribbett's performance as a "powerful duet".[1]

Credits and personnel

Credits adapted from the liner notes of The Definition Of... , 19 Recordings, RCA.[2]


Recording locations

  • Recorded at LLC/Motown Gospel Studio (Brentwood)
  • Engineered at Record Plant (Los Angeles)



Chart (2016–2017) Peak
US Gospel Airplay (Billboard)[19] 15


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