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iTunes Originals – Seether

iTunes Originals
Seether - iTunes Originals.jpeg
Compilation album by
ReleasedAugust 05, 2008
Groovemaster Studios
GenrePost-grunge, alternative metal
Seether chronology
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces
iTunes Originals
Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray
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iTunes Originals is a compilation album by the South African post-grunge/alternative metal band Seether. It was released exclusively through iTunes on August 5, 2008. It contains seven tracks exclusively recorded for the release at Groovemaster Studios, most of which are acoustic. It has a short interview track between each song track. It has six additional tracks from other albums. The "Tied My Hands" live track is from the One Cold Night live album. Also "He Was the Number One Fan [Interview]" is about the tragic suicide of Shaun's brother.

Track listing

1."The Band Started in May 1999 [Interview]"6:32
3."We Had to Write a Single, and We Didn't Know What That Meant [Interview]"2:59
4."Fine Again (iTunes Originals Version)"4:24
5."It Needs to Be Discovered by Fans [Interview]"3:36
7."We Thought We Were Starting "Karma and Effect [Interview]"5:48
8."Broken (iTunes Originals Version)"4:14
9."We Did "Sold Me" at the Same Time as "Broken" [Interview]"1:48
10."Sold Me"3:38
11."The Original Title Was "Cater to Cowards" [Interview]"6:18
12."Remedy (iTunes Originals Version)"3:34
13."We Weren't Going to Use It for Our Band [Interview]"2:11
14."The Gift"5:34
15."I Was Having Fun Today Playing with a Lot of Effects [Interview]"2:18
16."Truth (iTunes Originals Version)"4:08
17."A Lot of Our Music Translates Acoustically [Interview]"3:13
18."Tied My Hands (Live Version)"5:14
19."He Was the Number One Fan [Interview]"4:42
20."Fake It (iTunes Originals Version)"4:19
21."Lets Tease People with What's Coming with That Song [Interview]"3:12
22."Like Suicide"4:14
23."I Was Feeling Nostalgic [Interview]"2:58
24."Rise Above This (iTunes Originals Version)"3:37
25."I Picked It for the Chorus [Interview]"3:30
26."Across the Universe (iTunes Originals Version)"3:47



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