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Hyderabad Taluka (rural)

Hyderabad Taluka (rural)
حيدرآباد ٻهراڙي
Map of the district of Hyderabad in Sindh.svg
Country Pakistan
DistrictHyderabad District
 • NazimKhawan Bux G.Muhammad
 • Naib NazimMir Ghulam Hussain (Muhammad Ashraf)
 • Total850,000
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Union Councils11

Hyderabad Taluka (rural) (Sindhi: حيدرآباد ٻهراڙي‎) is an administrative subdivision (taluka) of Hyderabad District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] Hyderabad district is subdivided into 4 talukas, the Urban area around the capital Hyderabad is part of Hyderabad City Taluka.[1]


The rural Taluka of Hyderabad is administratively subdivided into 11 Union Councils, these are: [1]

UC Name
UC-1 Hatri
UC-2 Masu Bhurgri
UC-3 Moosa Khatiyan
UC-4 Haji Sawan Khan Gopang
UC-5 Tando Qaiser
UC-6 Tando Hyder
UC-7 Husri
UC-8 Moolan
UC-9 Tando Fazal
UC-10 Moolan
UC-11 Tandojam