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Hyderabad Junction railway station

Hyderabad Junction Station
حیدرآباد جوڑ اسٹیشن
حيدرآباد جنڪشن ريلوي اسٽيشن
Hyderabad railway station outside.JPG
Coordinates25°22′52″N 68°22′25″E / 25.3811°N 68.37349891662598°E / 25.3811; 68.37349891662598
Owned byMinistry of Railways
Line(s)Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line
Hyderabad–Badin Branch Line
Hyderabad–Khokhrapar Branch Line
Other information
Station codeHDR[1]
Preceding station   Hyderabad Junction railway station   Following station
Kotri Jn.   Line
Karachi–Peshawar Main Line
Kotri Jn.   Line
Hyderabad-Badin Branch Line
  Zeal Pak
Kotri Jn.   Line
Hyderabad-Khokhrapar Branch Line
  Tando Jam

Hyderabad Junction railway station (Sindhi: حيدرآباد جنڪشن ريلوي اسٽيشن‎) is located in the city of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan and serves as a major railway junction.


The following trains stop at Hyderabad Junction station:.[2]

Preceding station   Pakistan Railways   Following station
Allama Iqbal Express
TerminusBadin Express
toward Badin
Khyber Mail

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