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House of Mengüjek

Divriği Great Mosque (Ulu Cami) portal

The House of Mengüjek (Modern Turkish: Mengüçoğulları or Mengücek Beyliği or Mengüçlü Beyliği ) was an Anatolian beylik of the first period, founded after the Battle of Manzikert. The Mengujekids ruled the regions of Erzincan, Kemah, Şebinkarahisar and Divriği in Eastern Anatolia in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Mengüjek Gazi

Little is known about the founder Mengüjek Ghazi. He was probably one of the commanders sent by the Great Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan to occupy parts of Anatolia after the victory at Manzikert over the Byzantine Empire, and his principality seems to have been founded in the years following the battle. The beylik was split into the Erzincan and Divriği branches after the death of Emir İshak in 1142. The Erzincan branch was subjugated by the Sultanate of Rum in 1228, and the Divriği branch was ended by the Ilkhanate in 1277.

Divriği Great Mosque

The Mengüjek dynasty is remembered primarily for its monuments in Divriği. The Divriği Great Mosque was built in 1228 by Ahmed Shah. The adjoining medical center, or Darüşşifa, was built in the same year by Turan Melek Sultan, daughter of the Mengüjek ruler of Erzincan, Fahreddin Behram Shah. Both buildings are on UNESCO's World Heritage List.


  • Mengüjek Gazi (1072-1118)
  • İshak (1118-1142)

Branch of Erzincan

  • Davudşah (1142-1162)
  • Süleymanşah (1151-1162)
  • Fahrettin Behramşah (1162-1225)
  • Alaeddin Davudşah II (1225-1228)

Branch of Divriği

  • Süleyman (1142-1162)
  • Şahinşah (1162-1198)
  • Süleyman II (1198-1227)
  • Ahmetşah (1227-1251)
  • Melik Salih (1251-1277)

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