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Hiwwe wie Driwwe

Hiwwe wie Driwwe
Owner(s)Private Archive of Pennsylvania German Literature
Founder(s)Michael Werner
PublisherMichael Werner
Circulation2,000 bi-annually

Hiwwe wie Driwwe, which means "Over here as over there" (cf. German Hüben wie Drüben), is the title of the only existing Pennsylvania German language newspaper.


Since 1997 the publication is distributed twice a year. More than 100 Pennsylvania German authors—members of Lutheran and UCC churches as well as Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonites—have already contributed pieces of prose, poems and newspaper articles. The founder and publisher is Michael Werner (Ober-Olm, Germany), who also served as president of the German-Pennsylvanian Association between 2003 and 2010. On their websites, one can find poems, stories, videos and lessons in the dialect. In 2011, "Hiwwe wie Driwwe" has created a "Hiwwe wie Driwwe Award for Pennsylvania German Literature" in cooperation with the Palatine Writers Contest in Bockenheim (Germany) and Kutztown University's Pennsylvania German Minor Program. Since 2013, "Hiwwe wie Driwwe" is printed in Pennsylvania, and in 2015, the editorial headquarter was moved to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University.


The publication was founded in 1996. Since 2013, an editorial team is responsible for the whole publishing process.

Year Publisher Editor Co-Editors Printed in
1996-2013 Michael Werner Michael Werner - Ebertsheim, Föhren (Germany)
2013-2015 Michael Werner Michael Werner Patrick Donmoyer, Amanda Richardson Ephrata (PA)
since 2015 Michael Werner Patrick Donmoyer (Print), Michael Werner (Online, HwD Award) Douglas Madenford (since 2015), Edward Quinter (since 2017) Reading (PA), Ephrata (PA)
  • Donmoyer, Patrick (* 1985 / USA): Folk culture specialist, site manager at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center (Kutztown University), board member of Groundhog Lodge No. 1.
  • Madenford, Douglas (* 1980 / USA): High school teacher (High German), youtuber, blogger, author, musician.
  • Quinter, Edward (* 1950 / USA): High school teacher (High German), author, co-organizer of the "Pennsylvania German Writing Festival" at the Kutztown Folk Festival.
  • Richardson, Amanda (* 1987 / USA): Co-Worker at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center (Kutztown University).
  • Werner, Michael (* 1965 / Germany): Publisher, journalist, author, translator, musician. Founder of the German-Pennsylvanian Archive, "Hiwwe wie Driwwe" and the German-Pennsylvanian Association.


The website was started in January 2002. Since this year, "" is featuring various Pennsylvania German programs.

# Year Author Program
1. 2002- Michael Werner: 'S Katz Deitsch Schtick Blog
2. 2002-2003 Paul Bittner: Pennsylvania German Web Radio (WGPA Bethlehem) Audio Podcast
3. 2002-2006 C. Richard Beam: 'S Pennsylvanisch Deitsch Eck (Shopping News, Ephrata) Texts
4. 2007 Alice Spayd: Pennsylvania German Web Class (Online Lessons) Audio Podcast
5. 2008- Michael Werner: Hiwwe wie Driwwe Web TV Videos
6. 2009- Douglas Madenford: Nau loss mich yuscht ebbes saage Blog
7. 2011-2013 Virgil Schrock: Interviews with Pennsylvania Germans Videos
8. 2013-2014 Douglas Madenford: Pennsylvania Dutch 101 (Online Lessons) Videos
9. 2014- Douglas Madenford & Chris LaRose: Ask a Pennsylvania Dutchman Videos
10. 2015- Patrick Donmoyer: Die Pennsylvanisch-Deitsch Schtunn (BCTV Reading) Videos
11. 2016- Douglas Madenford: Your PA Dutch Minute Videos
12. 2017 Peter Zacharias & Edwin Zacharias: Pennsylvania German Dictionary Online Dictionary
13. 2017- Luella Reed Sebo: Easy Deitsch (Online Lessons) Videos
14. 2018- Jeffrey Tapler: "Uncle Jeffrey" (Community News) Videos

Winners of the Hiwwe wie Driwwe Award

# Year Winner
1. 2011 Richard Savidge (Hegins, PA): 'S iss Winder im Daal (Poem)
2. 2012 Kevin Sterner (Gilbertsville, PA): Middagesse in de Zwansicher (Story)
3. 2013 Don Breininger (New Tripoli, PA): Chocolate Cookies (Story)
4. 2014 Glynn Custred (Walnut Creek, CA): En seltsame Schtori (Story)
5. 2015 Kevin Sterner (Gilbertsville, PA): De Yahreszeide ihre Dod (Story)
6. 2016 Edward Quinter (Allentown, PA): Mei Bax (Poem)
7. 2017 Edward Quinter (Allentown, PA): Die Welle (Poem)
8. 2018 Patrick Donmoyer (Harleysville, PA): Die Wandrer (Poem)


# Year Book Hiwwe wie Driwwe Series
1. 2006 Walter Sauer, Michael Werner et al. (Eds.): Mit Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsch darich’s Yaahr. A Pennsylvania German Reader for Grandparents and Grandchildren. Published by the German-Pennsylvanian Association.
2. 2010 Earl C. Haag: Der Schtruwwelpitter (Original: Der Struwwelpeter, deutsch, 1845)
3. 2012 Michael Werner: Es globbt beim Sammy in der Nacht (Original: Es klopft bei Wanja in der Nacht, deutsch, 1985) HwD Series No. 1
4. 2013 Walter Sauer: Es Haus, wu der Jack gebaut hot (Original: The House that Jack built, English, 1853) HwD Series No. 2
5. 2014 Earl C. Haag: Der Schtruwwelpitter. 2nd Edition (Original: Der Struwwelpeter, deutsch, 1845) HwD Series No. 3
6. 2014 Michael Werner: Kumm, mer gehne Baere yaage (Original: We're Going on a Bear Hunt, English, 1989) HwD Series No. 4
7. 2016 Rachel Yoder: Penny Olive HwD Series No. 5
8. 2016 Walter Sauer: Ebbes weeich die Watzelkinner HwD Series No. 6
9. 2017 Mark L. Louden: Der Glee Brins, 2nd edition (Original: "Le petit prince", 1943) HwD Series No. 7
10. 2018 Mark L. Louden, Walter Sauer & Michael Werner: Die erschte dausend Wadde in Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch (Original: The First 1000 Words in English, englisch, 1979) HwD Series No. 8
11. 2018 Rachel Yoder & Douglas Madenford: Davey Applebutter HwD Series No. 9
12. 2019 Michael Werner: En neier Sound im neie Land - 32 new songs in Pennsylvania Dutch HwD Series No. 10
13. 2019 Walter Sauer: Die Schtori vum Peter Haas (Original: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, englisch, 1902) HwD Series No. 11

Hiwwe wie Driwwe’s Featured Artist of the Year

# Jahr Gewinner
1. 2016 Rachel Yoder (Boyertown, PA): Pennsylvania German Folk Art Paintings
2. 2017 Benjamin Rader (Reeders, PA): Heemetkunscht (Paintings)
3. 2018 Eric Claypoole (Lenhartsville, PA): Deitsche Scheierschtanne (Barn Stars)
4. 2019 Mike & Linda Hertzog (Blandon, PA): Deitsche Neiyaahrswinsche & Dialect Music

Scientific reception

David L Valuska & William Donner, Kutztown University (2004): "This journal and an associated internet site are leading sources for information about the Pennsylvania German language.” [1]

Patrick Donmoyer, Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University (2012): „Hiwwe wie Driwwe is the most widely-known dialect publication in the world for Pennsylvania German / Palatine German dialect, with a strong readership throughout the US, Canada and Europe.” [2]

C. Richard Beam, Center for Pennsylvania German Studies at Millersville University (2014): "Hiwwe wie Driwwe has succeeded in establishing a bridge between the Old and the New World and it has succeeded in the preservation of the Pennsylvania German dialect and culture.” [3]

Sheily Rohrer, Penn State University (2017): "Started as a newspaper by Michael Werner in Ebertsheim, Germany, Hiwwe wie Driwwe on the internet and in print has mediated a transnational conversation of dialect writers with one another." [4]

Claire Noble, Colorado (2018): "In 1890, there were more than 1,000 German-language newspapers in America. Today, only a handful remains, such as Hiwwe wie Driwwe, the last remaining German newspaper in Pennsylvania." [5]


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