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Wall relief of Horus at the temple of Edfu, Egypt

The hieracosphinx (Ancient Greek: Ιερακόσφιγξ) is a mythical beast found in Egyptian sculpture and European heraldry.[1] The god Haroeris ("Horus the Elder") was usually depicted as one.[2] The name Hieracosphinx comes from the Greek Ιερακόσφιγξ, which means Ιέραξ (Hawk) + Σφίγξ (Sphinx).


The Hieracosphinx has the head of a hawk and the body of a lion. The name was coined by Herodotus to the hawk-headed sphinxes that he saw in Egypt (the other being the ram-headed sphinx which Herodotus called Criosphinx (Ancient Greek: Κριόσφιγξ)).

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