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Hemus motorway

Hemus motorway shield

Hemus motorway
Автомагистрала „Хемус“
Hemus motorway highlighted in red and yellow
Route information
Length418 km (260 mi)
175 km (109 mi) built
Major junctions
ToVarna (not constructed from Yablanitsa to Shumen)
Major citiesBotevgrad, Shumen (future: Pleven, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo and Targovishte)
Highway system
Motorways in Bulgaria

The Hemus motorway (Bulgarian: Автомагистрала „Хемус“, Avtomagistrala "Hemus") or Haemus motorway, designated A2, is a partially built motorway in Bulgaria. Its planned length is 424 km, of which 175 km are in operation as of October 2019.[1] The motorway in operation is divided into two sections — the first one links the capital Sofia with Yablanitsa, crossing Stara planina (Balkan mountains), and the second segment connects Varna and Shumen. According to the plans, Hemus motorway would connect Sofia with the third-largest city of Varna, at the Black Sea coast, duplicating European route E70 (Varna–Shumen), European route E772 (Shumen–Yablanitsa) and European route E83 (Yablanitsa–Sofia).


The Pravets–Yablanitsa section of the Hemus motorway was officially opened on 5 December 1999. Due to the mountainous terrain through the Stara Planina the section, 5.47 km in length with another 16 km reconstructed, features two viaducts and one tunnel (Praveshki hanove), while the whole Sofia–Yablanitsa section has three more tunnels. The construction of the Pravets–Yablanitsa section began in the 1984 but ceased in the late 1980s due to lack of funds to be finished in 1998–1999.[2] The 12.8 km section connecting Shumen with Kaspichan to the east was opened on 30 December 2005 and cost 77.6 million leva.[3] In July 2013 a segment of the motorway at Shumen opened.[4] In August 2013 a 8.46 km segment, connecting the Sofia ring road and the Yana junction, opened to traffic.[5] In August 2015, a 4.9 km segment, including the Belokopitovo interchange (with I-2 road), was inaugurated.[6]

Recent Development

In January 2013 National Company "Strategic Infrastructure Projects" (NCSIP), a state-run company, tendered feasibility study for the remaining sections of Hemus motorway (Yablanitsa-Panayot Volovo).[7] In 2014 NCSIP signed contracts for drawing conceptual designs for all 8 lots of the motorway. In January 2015, a tender for design and build of 2 lots, between Yablanitsa and the Pleven/Lovech road, has been announced by NCSIP.[8] In 2016 NCSIP was closed, with all activities being transferred to the Roads Agency. The tender for construction of the Yablanitsa - Pleven/Lovech road was cancelled due to lack of secured financing and later in 2016 a new tender for a shorter 9 km stretch between Yablanitsa and Boaza has been announced.


Exit km Destinations Notes
AB-grün.svg AB-AS-blau.svg 0 Sofia ring road, Botevgradsko shose In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 1 Dolni Bogrov Nat road 6 BG.svg E871 In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 8.5 Yana In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 14 Eleshnitsa In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 21.5 Potop In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 30.8 Churek In service
AB-Tunnel.svg 32 Vitinya In service
AB-Tunnel.svg 41 Topli Dol In service
AB-Tunnel.svg 43 Echemishka In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 47.7 Botevgrad Nat road 1 BG.svg In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 53.3 Pravets In service
AB-Tunnel.svg 55 Praveshki Hanove In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 59.2 Osikovska Lakavitsa In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 66.5 Dzhurovo In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 74.7 Yablanitsa In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 78.5 Prelog In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 87.8 Boaza In service
Boaza-Belokopitovo Planned
AB-AS-blau.svg 337.3[9] Belokopitovo Nat road 2 BG.svg Nat road 4 BG.svg E70 In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 348 Shumen-east In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 361 Kaspichan, Novi Pazar In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 374.2 Nevsha In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 379.8 Mlada Gvardiya, exit only westbound, entrance only eastbound In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 384.1 Parking eastbound In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 384.4 Provadia-north (road III-208) In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 385.8 Parking only westbound In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 390.7 Provadia-east, Gabarnitsa In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 400.4 Devnya In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 405.4 Povelyanovo In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 410.4 Slanchevo In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 420.5 Airplane silhouette.svg Varna Airport In service
AB-AS-blau.svg 422.4 Petrol station eastbound (westbound 423.2) In service
AB-ende-grün.svg AB-AS-blau.svg 423.8 Varna-west In service




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