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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Dothraki language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

IPA Dothraki Example English approximation
b b Brogo bike
t͡ʃ ch chaf cheese
d d daeni door
f f fansa feist
ɡ g gachat girl
h h hash hear
d͡ʒ j jadat jam
k k ko scam
x kh Khal (Scottish) loch
l l lain lion
m m mae mile
n n najah Nile
q q qeso no English equivalent; like cup but with the tongue further back
r r rachel trilled r like Italian Roma
ɾ r qosarven batter (American English)
s s sachi sign
ʃ sh shekh shore
t t taso stow
θ th thom thigh
v v vaes vision
w w diwe way
j y yalli yes
z z zafra zebra
ʒ zh zhilli vision
IPA Dothraki Example English approximation
a a achra art
e e efe they
i i imo see
o o ocha row
Vowel shift
IPA Dothraki Example English approximation
ɑ a haqat father
ɛ e haqe let
e i aqqisat see
ɔ o asqoyi off
ɤ o mori roughs like about
u o ko moon