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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Albanian pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

IPA Orthography English approximation
b b bat
c q similar to choose
d d debt
dz x goods
xh jet
ð dh then
f f far
ɡ g go
h h hat
j j yes
ɟ gj Jew
k k car
l l lean
ɫ ll wool
m m man
n n not
ɲ nj onion
ŋ ng bang
p p pen
r rr rolled r [1]
ɾ r butter (American English) [1]
s s son
ʃ sh show
t t tan
ts c hats
ç[2] chin
v v van
z z zip
ʒ zh vision
θ th thin
IPA Written as English approximation
a a father
ɛ e bed
ə ë about, thug
i i seed
ɔ o off (Tosk)
o Joe (Gheg)[3]
u u boot
y y Similar to [i] made with rounded lips


  1. ^ a b The contrast between flapped r and trilled rr is the same as in Spanish. English does not phonemically have either sound.
  2. ^ The letter ç is sometimes written ch because of technical limitations because of its use in English sound and its analogy to the other digraphs xh, sh, and zh. Usually, it is written simply c or, more rarely q, with the context resolving any ambiguities.
  3. ^ []