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Hebatullah-il-Moayed Fiddeen

Mausoleum of Dais of Ujjain, era 1738–1779 AD

Hebatullah-il-Moayed-Fiddeen Bin Ibrahim Wajiuddin was the 40th Da'i al-Mutlaq of Dawoodi Bohra (Death: 1st Shaban 1193 AH (13 August 1779 CE) Ujjain, India).[1] He succeeded the 39th Dai Ibrahim Wajiuddin to the religious post.

He became Dai in 1756 (1168AH).[2] His period of Dawat was from then until his death.

His associates were:

  • Mawazeen: Syedi Lookmanji bin Sheikh Dawood, Syedi Khan Bahadur, Sheikh Fazal Abdultaiyyeb, Syedi Hamza
  • Mukasir: Syedi Abde Musa Kalimuddin

He was succeeded by the 41st Dai, Abduttayyeb Zakiuddin.

References and external links

  • The Ismaili, their history and doctrine by Farhad Daftary(Chapter -Mustalian Ismailism-p. 300-310)
  • The Uyun al-akhbar is the most complete text written by an Ismaili/Tayyibi/Dawoodi 19th Dai Sayyedna Idris bin Hasan on the history of the Ismaili community from its origins up to the 12th century CE period of the Fatimid caliphs al-Mustansir (d. 487/1094), the time of Musta‘lian rulers including al-Musta‘li (d. 495/1101) and al-Amir (d. 524/1130), and then the Tayyibi Ismaili community in Yemen.
  • (A Chronological List of Duatil Mutlaqin)

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Preceded by
Ibrahim Wajiuddin
40th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
: 1168–1193 AH/ 1756–1780 AD
Succeeded by
Abduttayyeb Zakiuddin III