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Hatim bin Ibrahim

Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim
Syedna Hatim Rauza 1.jpg
Syedna Hatim Mausoleum,
3rd Da'i al-Mutlaq
Predecessor Ibrahim bin Husain
Successor Ali Bin Syedna Hatim
Died 6 November 1199 AD
Al Hutaib, Yemen
Burial Al Hutaib, Yemen

Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim al-Hamidi[1] (died 16 Muharram 596 AH (6 November 1199 AD), Al-Hutaib, Yemen) was the third Da'i al-Mutlaq (Absolute Missionary) of the Taiyabi Musta‘lī Bohra Islam. He was of the Banu Hamdan tribe of Yemen and succeeded his father, the 2nd Dai Sayedna Ibrahim, to the religious post.

Syedna Hatim was the first Dai to venture into the Yemeni political field after the era under the rule of the Sulayhid Queen Arwa al-Sulayhi and her political patronage. Zaydi-Shia imams began to wage war against the Ismaili-Shia., It is in this context that Syedna Hatim became interested in territorial acquisition and becoming military power as a security requisition for the Tayyibi Ismaili.[2]

Banu Zuwahi, offered mountain-peak fortress of Kawkaban near San’aa to Syedna Hatim in 561/1166. San’aa was under the rule of Sultan Ali b. Hatim al-Yami of Hamdan tribe. Perceiving threat to his own sovereignty, Sultan Ali proceeded to lay siege to Kawkaban and forced Hatim to left Kawkaban. He decided to move to the mountainous Haraz region, where there had been Ismaili from the time of the first Sulayhid ruler. In the next few years a series of successful military expeditions gradually brought most of Haraz under the Dai’s control. The core of his army was the Ya’aabir qabila, and their chief Amir Sabaa b. Yusuf.

In San’aa, the Dawat was ably managed by the Dai’s Mazoon, Syedna Mohammad b. Taher al-Haaresi.

Dai period: 557–596 AH/ 1162–1199 AD
Place of dai office : Al Huteib,Yemen
Death: 16th Moharram, 596AH
Mawazeen: Mohammad bin Taher, Ali bin Mohammadinil Waleed


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Preceded by
Ibrahim bin Husain
3rd Dai al-Mutlaq
1162 AD-1199 AD
Succeeded by
Ali Bin Syedna Hatim