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Hasan Badruddin (17th Dai)

Grave of 14th,16th and 17th dai(bigger one) Zimarmar fort,Yemen
Masjid-e-Aqdam [1], Mosque of dai at Zimarmar fort,Yemen
Zimarmar fort on hill top
Garave mosque, pond etc. on hill top

Syedna Hasan Badruddin was 17 the Dai of Taiyabi Musta‘lī Bohra Islam (Death: 6 Shawwal, 821 AH / 5 Nov, 1418AD, Zimarmar-Yemen). He succeeded the 16th Dai Syedna Abdullah Fakhruddin to the religious post.

The grave of the dai along with 14th and 16th Dai ( big square platform) are at Zimarmar Fort, Yemen, on the top of the hill. The small square is grave of their associate (mazoon). On the hill top there still exist remains of Mosque, buildings and water reservoirs. The Zaidi Imam Al-Mansur Ali bin Salah ad-Din persecuted the Taiyabi Ismailis based at Dhumarmar/Zimarmar.

Hasan Badruddin became Da'i al-Mutlaq in 809AH [2] /1345AD. His period of Dawat was from 809-821AH (1406-1418 AD) for about 12 years (Hijri), 27 days.

His Mawazeen: Syedi Abdul Muttalib Najmuddin, Al Maula Mohammad bin Idris Mukasir: Syedi Ahmad bin Syedna Abdullah

Syedna conferred nass upon his brother Syedna Syedna Ali Shamshuddin Bin Abdullah. News of his death reached his son Syedna Idris in Shibaam and Syedna Idris immediately set off – travelling through the night to reach Zimarmar where he buried Syedna near Masjid-e-Aqdam besides other Dais. [3]

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  • The Ismaili, their history and doctrine by Farhad Daftary(Chapter -Mustalian Ismailism-p. 300-310)
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Preceded by
Abbas Bin Mohammad
17th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
: 809–821 AH/ 1406–1418 AD
Succeeded by
Ali Shamshuddin Bin Abdullah