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Harvey Milk Day

Harvey Milk Day
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Observed byWest Hollywood, California ; Signal Hill, California ; California, United States; Wilton Manors, Florida
DateMay 22
Related toHarvey Milk and Harvey Milk Foundation

Harvey Milk Day is organized by the Harvey Milk Foundation and celebrated each year on May 22 in memory of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist assassinated in 1978. Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist during the twentieth century. He ran for office three times before becoming the first openly gay person elected into California public office, where he acted as a city supervisor.[1] Harvey Milk Day came about as a day to remember and teach about Milk's life and his work to stop the discrimination against gays and lesbians.[2]

California Day of Special Significance

In California, Harvey Milk Day is recognized by the state's government as a day of special significance for public schools.[3][4] The day was established by the California legislature and signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009 after a series of petitions led by gay rights activist Daren I. Ball[5] and in the wake of the award-winning feature film Milk retracing Milk's life.[6][7][8]

Legislative history

Session Short title Bill number Date introduced Assembly Senate Governor Status Lead Author Co-Authors Sponsor References
2007-2008 Harvey Milk Day AB 2567 February 22, 2008 Passed the Assembly 45-23 Passed in the Senate 22-13 Vetoed by the Governor on September 30, 2008 Died Equality California (EQCA) [9]
2009-2010 Harvey Milk Day SB 572 February 27, 2009 Passed the Assembly 45-27 Passed in the Senate 25-12 Signed into Law by the Governor on October 11, 2009 Passed Equality California (EQCA) [10]

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