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Hardinera, Lucban Meatloaf, Quezon Meatloaf.png
Alternative namesJardinera, Quezon meatloaf, Lucban meatloaf
CourseMain dish
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateLucban, Quezon
Serving temperaturehot, cold
Main ingredientsdiced or ground pork, eggs, raisins, carrots, bell pepper, pineapple, peas, tomatoes
Similar dishesembutido. morcón, menudo

Hardinera (Philippine Spanish: jardinera), also known as the Quezon meatloaf or the Lucban meatloaf, is a Filipino meatloaf made with diced or ground pork topped with sliced hard-boiled eggs, pineapples, carrots, bell peppers, peas, tomatoes, and raisins, among others. The ingredients used are identical to the ones used in Filipino menudo; while the cooking process is similar to the Filipino embutido. It is traditionally steamed in an oval-shaped tin mold known as a llanera (or lyanera), which is also used to make leche flan. It originates from the province of Quezon in Luzon Island.[1][2][3][4]

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