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Hanne Marie

Hanne Marie on the Ryck.

Hanne Marie is a traditional sailing vessel with a gaff ketch rig that was built in Fanø Denmark in 1919. The ship originally functioned as a fishing vessel, but was decommissioned in Esbjerg in the 1970s. After being renovated between 1980 and 1990 Hanne Marie was transferred to Bielefeld, Germany and an association was created to maintain and sail the boat.[1] Since 2004 the home port of Hanne Marie is Greifswald, Germany.[2] There it is managed as a traditional ship by a small sailing collective called 'Hanne Marie Segeln e.V.'. Sailing trips start from the museum port in Greifswald and the excursions generally take place in the southern and western Baltic Sea. The goal of the collective is to preserve the art of traditional sailing.[3]

Hanne Marie on the Baltic Sea.

Ship facts[4]

Type of Ship shark
Rig Gaff-ketch with jib, foresail, mainsail and mizzen sail
Hull wood
Total Length 65 ft
Width 13 ft
Draft 7 ft
Sail Area 460 sq m
Height Main Mast 56 ft over keel
Engine 55 kW Perkins
Berths 10

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