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Hanjiang District, Yangzhou


Park at the intersection of Wenchang West Road (文昌西路) and Weiyang Road (维扬路; 維揚路)
Park at the intersection of Wenchang West Road (文昌西路) and Weiyang Road (维扬路; 維揚路)
Hanjiang is located in Jiangsu
Location in Jiangsu
Coordinates: 32°26′42″N 119°24′00″E / 32.445°N 119.400°E / 32.445; 119.400[1]
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityYangzhou
9 m (28 ft)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

About this soundHanjiang  District (simplified Chinese: 邗江区; traditional Chinese: 邗江區; pinyin: Hánjiāng Qū) is one of three districts of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China. It is one of the two districts (along with Hanjiang District) that divide Yangzhou's main urban area. It includes roughly the western half of Yangzhou's central city (excluding, however, the historic center, which is in Hanjiang District), and adjacent suburbs. The Yangtze River and, in the northern suburbs, the Grand Canal of China, serve as the district's southern and eastern borders.

In the past, the northern part of Yangzhou's main urban area constituted a separate Weiyang District, but in the late 2011 Weiyang District was abolished and merged into Hanjiang District.

Administrative divisions

Hanjiang District is divided into 10 subdistricts, 10 towns, and 3 townships:[2]


  • Hanshang Subdistrict (邗上街道), Xinsheng Subdistrict (新盛街道), Jiangwang Subdistrict (蒋王街道), Chahe Subdistrict (汊河街道), Shuangqiao Subdistrict (双桥街道), Meiling Subdistrict (梅岭街道), Ganquan Subdistrict (甘泉街道), Shouxihu Subdistrict (瘦西湖街道), Yangzijin Subdistrict (扬子津街道), Wenhui Subdistrict (文汇街道)


  • Gongdao (公道镇), Fangxiang (方巷镇), Huaisi (槐泗镇), Guazhou (瓜洲镇), Touqiao (头桥镇), Yangshou (杨寿镇), Tai'an (泰安镇), Yangmiao (杨庙镇), Xihu (西湖镇), Puxi (朴席镇)


  • Pingshan Township (平山乡), Shuangqiao Township (双桥乡), Chengbei Township (城北乡)



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