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Hamburg University of Technology

Hamburg University of Technology
Technische Universität Hamburg
Budget€ 122.9 million[1]
PresidentHendrik Brinksma (2018)
Academic staff

The Hamburg University of Technology (in German Technische Universität Hamburg, abbreviated TUHH) is one of the best research universities in Germany as well as among those young universities which have achieved popularity in a short time.

The university was founded in 1978 and in 1982/83 lecturing followed. Around 100 senior lecturers/professors and 1,150 members of staff (450 scientists, including externally funded researchers) work at the TUHH. With an average of 5,000 students the TUHH offers a high ratio of staff to students.

It is located in Harburg, a district in the south of Hamburg.

Interdisciplinary Studies

TU Hamburg Campus
Inside view of the TUHH Campus

Instead of traditional faculties, the TUHH has separate administrations for teaching and for research: research is conducted in departments, teaching is divided into schools of study. Scientists from different subjects work together in the departments. Curricula are organized by academic speciality, depending on the course of study followed.

In the year 2000, the TUHH defined the following strategic topics of research activities:

  1. Information as economic value
  2. Organization for enterprises
  3. Production and process integrated environmental protection
  4. Sustainable management of resources
  5. Advanced energy systems and energy management
  6. Sustainable urban structures
  7. Systems of transport and logistic
  8. Advanced information and communication technologies
  9. Advanced materials and microsystems
  10. Biotechnologies and biomedical engineering

Research is divided into six interdisciplinary research departments:

  1. Town, Environment, Technology
  2. Systems Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering and Marine Technology
  4. Information and Communication Technology
  5. Materials, Design, Manufacturing
  6. Processing Technology and Energy Systems

Teaching is organized in six schools of study:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
  3. Vocational Subject Education
  4. Management Science and Technology
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Process and Chemical Engineering

Northern Institute of Technology


The Northern Institute of Technology (NIT) is a private business school, located in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 1998 as a public-private partnership of the Hamburg University of Technology and sponsoring companies. Students graduate with an MBA or Master of Technology Management (MTM) degree after completion of this course.

NIT offers a 2-year double-degree program: Students study a Master of Science in an engineering program of their choice at TUHH and concurrently are taking part in the MBA/MTM program at the NIT. The idea is to equip engineers not only with technical knowledge but at the same time provide a practical education for leading positions in industry. Besides the classical management disciplines, the MBA program includes an intensive training in various soft skills, law and a foreign language (usually German). All classes are held in English language. The faculty consists of distinguished professors and industry experts from various universities and companies across the world.


TUHH founded the TUHH Technologie GmbH (TuTech). Since 1992 the TuTech has been responsible for technology transfer and advice, for trade fairs and further training, as well as congresses and the initiation of projects. Examples are the "Starterzentrum", the local initiation "hep", the "Gründerrat" of the TUHH as well as a course of studies for carriermanagement. Young entrepreneurs are accompanied and advised on setting up their own business. In 1994 the TUHH became the pioneer German university in the creation of modular courses and introduced a course with a bachelor's degree in General Engineering Science. Since 1997 nine master's degree courses and a bachelor's degree course have been added.

University Library


The library is not only used internally but as a specialized technical library of the Hamburg region. Its services are also available to citizens who are not students.

In addition to the basic service of providing printed media on loan or for use within the TUB HH, the library also procures documents from cooperation partners such as libraries, specialized information centres and publishers.


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