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HNoMS Utstein

HNoMS Utstein is a series of three submarines operated by the Royal Norwegian Navy. They were named after this historic Utstein Abbey which is located on the island of Klosterøy in Rennesøy, Norway. The three submarines that have borne this name are:

  • HNoMS Utstein (P68) was a British V-class submarine launched in 1943 (under a different name) and sold to Norway in 1946. The Norwegian Navy renamed it Utstein. It was struck in 1964.
  • HNoMS Utstein (1965) was a Kobben-class submarine launched on 19 May 1965 by Rheinstahl Nordsee in Emden, Germany. It was completed on 15 September 1965. The ship was converted into a museum in 1998.[1]
  • HNoMS Utstein (1991) is a Ula-class submarine launched 25 April 1991 by Thyssen Nordseewerke in Emden, Germany. The submarine was still active in 2009.[2]


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