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HM Prison La Moye

HMP La Moye
HM Prison La Moye.jpg
LocationVingtaine de la Moye, Jersey, Channel Islands
Coordinates49°10′45″N 2°13′10″W / 49.179063°N 2.219497°W / 49.179063; -2.219497
Security classMedium Security
Capacity268 (Dec. 2009)
Population178 (Avg. 2010)[1]
Managed byJersey Prison Service
GovernorNick Cameron

HM Prison La Moye is a mixed-use prison in the island of Jersey. La Moye is currently Jersey's only prison, and is situated within the boundaries of the Vingtaine de la Moye. It is operated by the Jersey Prison Service, part of the Department of Home Affairs.

The prison was opened in the mid-1970s and originally built to house 150 inmates. Because La Moye is the island's only jail, it has to provide accommodation for men, women, young offenders and vulnerable prisoners. Consequently, there are four distinctive areas of the prison which have been set aside for each category of inmate.


The prison has an active education programme and all prisoners are encouraged to participate. Prisoners are usually assessed to determine their level of education within a short time of arriving at La Moye. Inmates can study both academic and vocational qualifications.[2] La Moye also has a library which was opened in November 2007.[3]

Overcrowding concerns

In July 2005 a report from HM Inspector of Prisons stated the prison had 172 inmates, with capacity for 184. This led to concerns about possible overcrowding at the prison. In November 2007, Jersey's Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard expressed fears that Jersey had a higher pro rata prison population when compared to other European countries of a similar size. She called for alternative punishments to be introduced to ease pressure on the prison.[4]

Notable inmates

Inmates of La Moye Prison have included;


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