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HDMS Danbjørn (A551)

Danbjorn with Thorbjorn in Frederikshavn
HDMS Danbjorn with Thorbjorn in Frederikshavn
Name: Danbjørn
Owner: Royal Danish Navy
Operator: Royal Danish Navy
Builder: Odense Stålskibsværft A/S, Frederikshavn
Launched: 1965
In service: With Royal Danish Navy since January 1, 1996
Status: Active as of April, 2018
Notes: International call sign OUDN
General characteristics
Type: Icebreaker
Displacement: 3,685 tons
Length: 76.8 m
Beam: 17.10 m
Draught: 8.00 m
Depth: 6.1 m
Installed power: 11,880 HPS
Propulsion: 8.679 KW
Speed: 18 knots
Crew: 25 (accommodation for 34)

HDMS Danbjørn (sometimes referred to as Danbjoern) is a Danish icebreaker built for breaking and reporting ice in the sea for Danish Ice Service in 1965.[1] Originally operated by the Ministry of Industrial Affairs, Dorbjorn was manned by the Royal Danish Navy throughout its history, but was officially incorporated in the navy on January 1, 1996.[2]

The purpose of the ship is to assist shipping to and from Danish ports among these the most important supply and export ports, during ice conditions in the Danish waters within the Skaw.[3] The shipping is assisted as close as possible to their port of destination where the remaining icebreaking is taken over by the port’s own icebreaking resources. Assistance is given according to the following priority:[4]

  • Ships in distress.
  • Ships transporting live animals.
  • Ships transporting passengers.
  • Ships transporting cargoes of special importance.
  • All ships in need.

The action from Danbjorn is seen each winter from December 15 to March 31, along with Isbjorn.[5]



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