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Høyland herred
Høyland herred is located in Rogaland
Høyland herred
Høyland herred
Location in Rogaland county
Coordinates: 58°49′51″N 05°45′02″E / 58.83083°N 5.75056°E / 58.83083; 5.75056
RegionWestern Norway
Municipality IDNO-1123
Adm. CenterHøyland
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Created asFormannskapsdistrikt in 1838
Merged intoSandnes in 1965

Høyland is a former municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The municipality was located at the innermost end of the Gandsfjorden in the western part of the present-day municipality of Sandnes. The municipality existed from 1838 until its dissolution in 1965. The main church for the municipality was Høyland Church.[1]


The parish of Høiland was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). According to the 1835 census the municipality had a population of 2,286.[2] On 6 April 1861, the large village of Sandnes (population: 440) was declared to be a ladested (seaport town). It was therefore separated from Høyland to constitute a municipality of its own. The split left Høyland with 3,376 inhabitants. In 1912, a part of Høyland with 41 inhabitants was moved to the neighboring municipality of Hetland to the north. In 1957, a part of Høyland with 18 inhabitants was moved to the town of Sandnes.

On 1 January 1965, there were many municipal changes across Norway due to the recommendations of the Schei Committee. On that date the municipality of Høyland was merged with the town of Sandnes and most of the municipalities of Hetland and Høle to form a new, larger municipality of Sandnes. Prior to the merger, Høyland had a population of 20,353.[3]


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