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Gurugram Airstrip

Gurugram Airstrip.

Gurugram Vimantal

गुरुग्राम विमानपट्टी
Airport typePublic
OwnerCivil Aviation Department, Haryana
ServesGurugram, Haryana
Time zoneIST (UTC+05:30)
Coordinates28°25′12″N 77°7′38″E / 28.42000°N 77.12722°E / 28.42000; 77.12722
Gurugram Airstrip is located in Haryana
Gurugram Airstrip
Gurugram Airstrip
Location of airport in India
Gurugram Airstrip is located in India
Gurugram Airstrip
Gurugram Airstrip
Gurugram Airstrip (India)
Hub for the number of airlines0
Number of scheduled airlines flying in0
Number of scheduled weekly flights0
Number of scheduled flight passengers0
Number of runways1
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Gurugram Airstrip (formerly Gurgaon Airstrip), also Bhondsi Airstrip and Silokhera Airstrip, is an airstrip located between Silokhera and Bhondsi villages, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of Gurugram city center, in Haryana state of India.[1][2][3][4]


Air strip

In 1948, first airstrip was built in Haryana when Ambala Air Force Station was established. During 1980s, the airstrip, hangar, air conditioned yoga ashram and TV studio were built by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's favorite godman and yoga guru Dhirendra Brahmachari who died in 1994 in a plane crash.[4][5] Indira use to visit Brahmachari here once a week.[4][5] The 1980s teleserials "India Quiz" and Hum Log (ran from July 1984 to 17 December 1985) were shot here.[4] Brahmachari charged INR25,000 per shift for the use of ashram's TV studio facilities here for the shooting of Hum Log.[4] In 1983, Brahmachari had written letter to then Chief Minister of Haryana, Bhajan Lal, with a request to acquire 5,000 acre land around Aravalli Range, potentially up to 70,000 acres in total, to build facilities to rival Disneyland, including a yoga research and training centre, a wildlife sanctuary, folk arts and crafts centre, amusement centre and other facilities such as helipad, aquarium, planetarium and games and thrillers.[6] The aircraft hangar still has two ruined aircraft belonging to Brahmachari,[5] likely including a Maule M-5 American aircraft owned by him that landed him in investigations for tax evasions.[7] Ownership of some of the facilities is currently being disputed in the court (c. 2014), including 32 acre land and yoga studio.[5]

This airstrip lies near the "Bharat Yatra Kendra" "Bhondsi ashram" set up by the former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in 1983 on 600 acre of panchayat land, where another godman Chandraswami and godman's associate Adnan Khashoggi (a Saudi Arabian billionaire international arms dealer embroiled in various scandals) use to visit him.[8][9][10] Before 2002, some of the government land of the ashram was taken back by the Government of Haryana on the instructions of then Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala (in office 1989-91 and 1999-2004).[11] In 2002, Supreme Court of India returned most of the land, barring some land, to the Bhondsi gram panchayat.[12]

Other history

Bhondsi Mosque

"Mosque in Bhondsi", 400 years old, was built during mughal era.[13]

Bhondsi Nature Camp

Government of Haryana has developed this as 100-acre "Bhondsi Nature Camp" with 7 km walking trails, cycling tracks, guest house for 10 people with renewable energy, inaugurated by the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on 19 June 2017.[10]

Sparrow Research Centre

"Sparrow Rescue and Research Centre, Bhondsi (SRRCB)" at "Bhondsi Nature Camp": In January 2019, Govt of Haryana approved INR5,300,000 to establish two "Sparrow Rescue and Research Centre", each with 50 pairs of birds collected from the various parts of Haryana, at two bio-diversity hotspots in the state namely at Bhondsi in Aravalli mountain range in the south Haryana and Jatayu Conservation and Breeding Centre at Pinjore in Shivalik mountain range in the north Haryana, with the help of Bombay Natural History Society. Though International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified the sparrow as least-concerned species globally but its numbers have been declining, specially in Punjab and Haryana. Centres will be focused on conducting research on the causes of decline and to formulate action plans to reverse that. Centres will become operation from Summer 2019.[14]


It has a kilometre-long runway and an aircraft hangar large enough for 3 aircraft.[4][5]

Current status

This airstrip is included in the Airport Authority of India's UDAN-RCS regional connectivity scheme to inaugurate new flight routes from the unserved airports in India.[1][2][3]

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