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Governor-General of the Province of Canada

The Governor General of the Province of Canada was the vice-regal post of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada that existed from 1840 to Canadian Confederation in 1867.

The post replaced the Governor General of New France and later Governor General of British North America, which had replaced that of Commander-in-Chief of British North America. With Confederation and the dissolution of the Province of Canada, a new post was created, that of Governor General of Canada.

During the duration seven individuals held this post, who were either colonial administrators of diplomats.


Name Image Governor from Governor until Monarch
Sir Charles Bagot
GG-Charles Bagot.jpg 1842 1843 Victoria
Sir Charles Metcalfe
GG-Charles T. Metcalfe.jpg 1843 1845 Victoria
The Earl Cathcart
GG-Charles Murray Cathcart.jpg 1846 1847 Victoria
The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine
GG-James Bruce Elgin.jpg 1847 1854 Victoria
Sir Edmund Walker Head
GG-Edmund Walker Head.jpg 1854 1861 Victoria
The Viscount Monck
GG-Charles Monck.jpg 1861 1867 Victoria


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