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God's Learning Channel

The logo for GLC

God's Learning Channel (GLC) is a religious satellite network based in West Texas which teaches a Judaizers' point of view of Christianity. Founded in 1982 by Al and Tommie Cooper, who had a vision to bring Judaism to Southeastern New Mexico, the network steadily grew to five full-power television transmitters located in New Mexico and West Texas. While programming continues to evolve to encompass a wide range of topics, the focal point has been to teach Judaizers their biblical and spiritual connections to the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, presenting Yeshua in the biblical context of a very Jewish Messiah.

Today GLC's unique 24-hour programming can be seen via many venues, including the GloryStar / Galaxy 19 Satellite with coverage from Alaska to Guatemala, and from the eastern seaboard to Hawaii. GLC also provides 24-hour streaming media of its broadcast (accessible through the GLC website), as well as many readily available internet platforms, such as Roku. Within the "local broadcast area", which comprises West Texas, much of New Mexico, and parts of Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma, GLC can be viewed on most cable systems, Dish Network, and DirecTV. Reception via antenna is available close to any of the five full-power transmitters.



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