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Global U8 Consortium

Global U8 Consortium
GU8 Logo.png
Formation 2006
Type global consortium of universities
  • seaport cities globally
8 members, 1 associate member
Key people
Dr. Seoung-Yong Hong
Dr. Choonbae Park
(President and Chair)
Website GU8

The Global U8 Consortium or the GU8 is an educational consortium of eight universities located in seaport cities in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, South Korea and the UK.

GU8 members

University Location Founded
Universidade de Fortaleza Fortaleza, Brazil 1973
University of Haifa Haifa, Israel 1963
University of Hull Hull, United Kingdom 1927
Université du Havre Le Havre, France 1984
INHA University Incheon, South Korea 1954
Universiti Malaysia Perlis Arau, Malaysia 2001
RMIT University (associate member) Melbourne, Australia 1887
Xiamen University Xiamen, China 1921
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany 1993

About the GU8


The Global U8 Consortium (GU8) was proposed by Dr. Seoung-Yong Hong, President of INHA University, to address the challenges of establishing a globally recognised university curriculum, in response to the rapid onset of globalisation in the late 20th century.[1] In 2004, a select group of leading universities which also shared the common geography of INHA - in being located within a seaport city of their respective home countries - were approached to form the new consortium.

In 2006, the Presidents and Chancellors of eight leading seaport universities; from Australia (RMIT University), China (Xiamen University), France (University of Le Havre), Israel (University of Haifa), South Korea (INHA University), UK (University of Hull) and US (University of Rhode Island and University of Washington), signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" in Incheon, South Korea, and officially established the Global U8 Consortium.[1]

In 2008, a new "Memorandum of Understanding" was signed in Melbourne, Australia, after which the University of Fortaleza in Brazil and the University of Malaysia, Perlis in Malaysia, were admitted to the consortium.[2] The new universities replaced the US-based universities, Rhode Island and Washington, which formally withdrew from the GU8.

Presidents of the GU8:

  • Dr. Seoung-Yong Hong (INHA), 2006-2007
  • Dr. Robert Carothers (Rhode Island), 2007-2010
  • Dr. Camille Galap (Le Havre), 2010-2012
  • Dr. Choonbae Park (INHA), 2012-present


GU8 universities collaborate on three main objectives:[2]

  • conducting of joint research, with a focus in global business, high-tech sectors, logistics and marine affairs.
  • creation of a global benchmark in administrative cooperation (e.g. information sharing, a global library, etc.)
  • development of joint education systems with common curricula, including joint degrees, cyber-classes, etc.


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