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Gasham Najafzadeh

Gasham Najafzadeh
Qəşəm Nəcəfzadə (1).JPG
Born (1959-04-01) April 1, 1959 (age 60)

Qasham Najafzadeh ( Najafov Qasham Mirza oghlu ) (born April 1, 1959 in Imishli, Azerbaijan Republic) is an Azerbaijani poet.

Education and career

Qasham Najafzadeh in 1981 he was graduated from the faculty of Language-literature of Ganja State University. Since 1997 he is the member of Azerbaijan Writers’ Association. For some years he worked as a teacher of language and literature in Imishli and in Baku. He worked secretary responsible at the newspaper of “ Madaniyyat” ( “ Culture”) At present he is the member of administrative personnel of Azerbaijan Writers’ Association, the chief of the department of Children's literature, the member of expert group attached at the National Radio and Television, chief teacher at the University of Tafakkur . He participated at the 38 th International Poetry Festival held in the Netherlands in 2007. In 2006 he was awarded with prize of Tofig Mahmud, and in 2008 he was awarded with the prize of Rasul Rza. His poems were translated into more than 20 languages- English, Uzbek, Kirghiz, French, German, Alban, Tamil, Georgian, Russian, Spanish, Persian, Poland and others. Up today his 22 books were published. . Five of these books were published in the foreign countries. He is married, he has two sons and a daughter.

Awards and festivals

The poet was awarded with the Tofig Mahmudov Prize by Azerbaijan Writers Union for his poems written for children. G.Najafzade took part in the 38th International Poetry Festival organized in Europe in 2007 and was invited to participate in the 18th International Poetry Festival to be held in Medellin, Colombia. Recently he was awarded the International Rasul Rza prize.


  • “ Don’t tell me the end of love” Baku, Yazichi- 1986
  • “A picture of a sleeping sea” Baku, Goyturk-1990
  • “ Side by side with a bride wave” Baku, Goyturk-1994
  • “ A smiling tree” Baku, Goyturk-1994
  • “ The fate of my poem” Baku, Goyturk, 1995
  • “ I want to love again” Baku, Goyturk- 1996
  • “ Sari sim” (“ A yellow string”) Baku, Goyturk-1997
  • “ When I remember you” Baku, Qanun-1997
  • “ Towards myself” Baku, Azerneshr-1998
  • “ Correction to my life book” Baku, Azeerneshr, 2001
  • “ And so on “ Baku, Nurlar-2004
  • “ Literary realities of Huseynbala Miralamov” Baku, Shams-2005
  • “ The Evening stories” In English, Baku, Shams-2007
  • “ Prebasheme” ( “ Turning” ) in Russian, Baku,Araz-2007
  • “ EENMORDING” ( “ Joining” ) In Dutch language, the Netherlands-2007
  • “ SKETCHES OF PRISON” in English, the Netherlands-2007
  • “ The death of a woman” Baku, Vector-2008
  • “ Fight, a shoe, death” Ankara, Bengu-2008
  • “ Dead men laugh at us” Tehran- 2008
  • “My son, open the door, a wind is dying at the door” Shirvanneshr-2009
  • “ Kissing of the fingers” In Persian language, Tehran-2009
  • “ A man inside of a poem” Essays, articles. Baku, Yazichi-2010007


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