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G91 Liaozhong Ring Expressway

China Expwy G91 sign with name.svg

Liaozhong Region Ring Expressway
Liaozhong Ring Expressway
Route information
Length399 km[1] (248 mi)
Length when complete.
Major junctions
Orbital around Shenyang and Central Liaoning
  G1113 in Benxi, Liaoning
G15 in Liaoyang, Liaoning
G1 in Liaozhong County, Shenyang, Liaoning
G1113 in Xinmin, Shenyang, Liaoning
Liaoning S2 in Faku County, Shenyang, Liaoning
G1 in Tieling, Liaoning
G1212 in Fushun, Liaoning (unopened)
Highway system
National Trunk Highway System

The Liaozhong Ring Expressway (simplified Chinese: 辽中环线高速; traditional Chinese: 遼中環線高速), officially the Liaozhong Region Ring Expressway (simplified Chinese: 辽中地区环线高速公路; traditional Chinese: 遼中地區環線高速公路) and designated G91,[2] is a orbital expressway encircling the city of Shenyang and central Liaoning in the People's Republic of China. It is currently 256 km (159 mi) in length[3] and when complete, it will be 399 km (248 mi) in length.[1] The expressway is named after Liaozhong County, a county under the administration of Shenyang.


The kilometre zero marker of the expressway is located at an interchange with the G1113 Dandong–Fuxin Expressway south of the city centre of Benxi. The expressway encircles around the various counties and cities that surround the city of centre of Shenyang, with the kilometre posts increasing clockwise. The expressway does not actually reach into the city center of Shenyang itself. Clockwise from Benxi, these are:

Currently, the south, west, and northern portions of the expressway, from Benxi to Tieling via Liaoyang, Liaozhong County and Xinmin are complete. The rest of the expressway, from Tieling through Fushun to Benxi is under construction. When complete, the expressway will form an orbital.[1]


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