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G4211 Nanjing–Wuhu Expressway

China Expwy G4211 sign with name.svg

Nanjing–Wuhu Expressway
Ningwu Expressway
Route information
Auxiliary route of G42
Major junctions
North end G42 / G2501 in Nanjing, Jiangsu
South end G50 / G5011 in Wuhu, Anhui
Highway system
National Trunk Highway System

The Nanjing–Wuhu Expressway (Chinese: 南京—芜湖高速公路), commonly referred to as the Ningwu Expressway (Chinese: 宁芜高速公路) is a north-south bound expressway that connects Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu and Wuhu, Anhui. It is an auxiliary route of G42 Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway that connects the parallel G42 and G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway.[1] The expressway spans a length of 75 km (47 mi), passes two provinces and serves the cities of Nanjing, Jiangsu; Ma'anshan, Anhui; and Wuhu, Anhui. The north terminus of G4211 is at Tianbao Bridge in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, and the south terminus connects to G50 and G5011 Wuhu-Hefei Expressway via a cloverleaf interchange in Wuhu. G4211 is a four-lane limited access tollway for its entire length.

Route Description

  mi km
Jiangsu 17 27
Anhui 30 48
Total 47 75 [2]


G4211 begins at the G42 exit at Tianbao Bridge. The expressway then turns south through the Liucun Interchange, which connects Jiangsu S005 and G205 National Highway, and begins its concurrence with Jiangsu S105. G4211 is then connected to G2501 via two trumpet interchanges and a connector. From there, the expressway runs parallel to G205, as well as the Nanjing-Wuhu Railway. The route crosses Jiangsu-Anhui border at an exit to G205 and enters Ma'anshan, Anhui.


G4211 continues to run parallel to G205, but bypasses downtown Ma'anshan to its east. At Nanhuanlu Road exit, the two parallel routes are connected via a G205 spur. The expressway then heads still south and bypasses Dangtu County, crossing Guxi River immediately to the south of downtown. It proceeds southbound until eventually terminating at a cloverleaf interchange with G50 and G5011 west to downtown Wuhu.


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