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Funland Hayling Island

Funland Hayling Island
Hayling Funland seen from the beach
Funland, taken from the beach
SloganThe South Coast's Family Amusement Park
LocationHayling Island, England
Coordinates50.785278, -0.985092
Operating seasonJanuary to Late October (Opening Times vary)
Late November to Late December (for the Winter Wonderland Event)
Roller coasters2
Water rides2

Funland Hayling Island is an amusement park on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, England.

Funland Hayling Island contains 18 rides, an amusement arcade (as well as various independently operating arcades nearby), a Wimpy restaurant, a kids' play area and a pirate-themed golf course.

The park is a typical funfair-styled park with the rides mainly being travelling rides from various independent funfair operators, with some rides sourced from other amusement parks.



Funland reopened that year with a new roller coaster replacing the Klondike Gold Mine, which is called Runaway Mine Train, originally located at Gulliver's World as the Wild Mine Ride.

In June, the park added a new Snake Helter-Skelter ride replacing the old one, and the Super Dragon returned after a refurbishment with a new dinosaur theme, a new lick of paint and a new name, Funlandosarus.

After the season ended the Woody Coaster was removed from the park after many years and the Drop Tower's car was removed, leaving the rest of the ride standing but not operating.


Funland reopened on Saturday 18 February, featuring the return of the trains ride, which was left not operating for the 2016 season (likely for a refurbishment).

Later on, 2 new rides were opened: A Tilt-A-Whirl called Neptune's Fury which replaced the Woody Coaster, and a Mini Paratrooper ride.


Name Opened Description
Extreme 2013 A standard Miami ride, built by Nottingham UK.
Beaver Creek Log Ride Unknown A log flume with a large drop at the end. Previously known as Wild River until 2015.
Cyclone 2015 A standard Twister ride, built by P.W.S.
Runaway Mine Train 2016 A roller coaster based on a spinning wild mouse ride, built by L & T Systems. This coaster was formerly located at Gulliver's World.
Neptune's Fury 2017 A Tilt-A-Whirl ride with seashell type cars. Relocated from Pleasure Island Family Theme Park.
Super Dragon 2008 A small Pinfari MD31 junior coaster originally located at Drayton Manor (1984–2008). It currently operates as Funlandasarus but is still officially called the Super Dragon.
Cannibal Pots 2003 A teacups ride themed after cannibal pots. built by Technical Park.
Dodgems Unknown A standard bumper car ride. It is located in the main building, where the arcade is.
Jurassic Safari 2015 A car ride with a dinosaur theme, built by Zamperla.
Pirates Adventure Golf Unknown A miniature golf course with a pirates theme.
Carousel 2017 A modern version of a classic Carousel ride. Bought from Liseberg and replaced a small Paratrooper ride.
Flying Saucer 2016 A small spinning ride themed as a UFO. It was known as UFO Ride for the 2016 Season.
Snake Helter-Skelter 2016 A snake themed helter skelter built by Chris Randall. Previously located at Adventure Island. It is also known as Sid's Sizzling Snake Slide.
Samba Balloon 2008 A Samba Balloon ride built by Zamperla. Originally located at Drayton Manor (1998–2007).
Frog Hopper 2008 A small drop tower built by Zamperla. Originally located at Drayton Manor (1998–2007).
Dino Falls 2006 A small Log Flume themed as Dinosaurs. Known as Blizzard Falls until 2015.
Galleon Ride 2015 A pirate ship themed aerial carousel ride.
Ride on Bikes 2016 A bumper car styled ride.
Trains Unknown A small mini train ride that spins around in a circle. It was removed for the 2016 season (with its track intact) but it returned for the 2017 season with new theming and at a new location in the park.
Bugs Rock and Tug 2018 A small Rock and Tug Bug in the place of the Pirate Boat Ride, which moved near to Funlandosarus

Removed Attractions

Name Added Removal Description
Mini Paratrooper 2017 2017 A small Paratrooper (ride). Was removed as soon as it was placed because the owners thought the ride was too small, and so it was replaced with a Carousel.
Woody Roller Coaster 2001 2016 A small junior coaster themed as the Wild West and was built by Top Fun. It was removed at the end of the 2016 season.
The Sam FM Drop 2005 2016 A 100 ft drop tower formerly located at the London Trocadero. Built by Intamin. It had an ice cream stall in front of it since 2017. It was dismantled at the start of the 2018 season.
Klondike Gold Mine 2005 2015 A Pinfari ZL42 Roller Coaster originally located in Drayton Manor. It replaced an existing Roller Coaster and was removed in 2015 after being sold to the Irish company Euroshow. The Runaway Mine Train is in its place now.
Roller Coaster 2000 2004 An unnamed Roller Coaster that is very similar to a Galaxi Coaster. Was replaced with Klondike Gold Mine in 2005.
Tornado 2003 2006 A KMG Frisbee Ride. It was referbished and renamed as Tornado 2 for the 2007 season.
Tornado 2 2007 2010 An upgraded version of the Tornado Frisbee ride. It was replaced with Speed Flip in 2011. This ride now tours around the UK.
Breakdancer 2003 2013 A standard Breakdance ride. It was replaced with the Cyclone in 2014.
Helter Skelter 2004 or 2005 2016 A tall helter skelter ride which replaced a smaller one. It was replaced by the Snake Helter Skelter in 2016, and was located in a different area.
Pirate Ship unknown 2007 A large pirate ship.
Mini Pirate Ship unknown 2007 A Junior Pirate Ship. It was replaced with the Junior Pirate Ship from Drayton Manor in 2008.
Cadbury's Junior Pirate Ship 2008 2008 A Junior Pirate Ship, it replaced an existing one and was removed the same year. Originally located at Drayton Manor.
Whirlycopter 2008 2010 A Helicopter themed wheel ride. Originally located at Drayton Manor.
Toy Town Express Unknown 2014 A small ride where 20 connected cars go along in a loop. It was replaced by Jurrasic Safari in 2015.
Red Baron Plane Ride 2009 2015 A spinning plane ride. Replaced with UFO Ride in 2015.
Speed Flip 2011 2013 A Orbitor. Was replaced with the Miami Extreme in 2014.


Woody Roller Coaster

In May 2006, a 15-year-old boy from Havant lost his leg after performing a dare to show to his friends. He escaped the safety bar of the coaster car he was sitting on, and went on the metal track, with the coaster hitting him and dragging him along.


On August 18, 2013, a 10-year-old boy from Waterlooville slipped off the ride, but wasn't injured in the process as he was saved by 2 children sitting next to him. The accident might have happened due to the safety bar of the ride not closing right.


On May 16, 2015, a 6-year-old girl from Gosport was hit on the head by the ride, and suffered minor injuries.

Klondike Gold Mine

On 17 September 2015, a 47 year old Romanian workman fell 23 metres from the ride, as he was taking the coaster down for its sell out to Euroshow, breaking his arm and leg in the process.