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From Russia Without Love

"From Russia Without Love"
The Simpsons episode
Episode no.Season 30
Episode 6
Directed byMatthew Nastuk
Written byMichael Ferris
Production codeXABF20
Original air dateNovember 11, 2018 (2018-11-11)
Guest appearance(s)

Jon Lovitz as Hacky/Snitchy the Weasel
Ksenia Solo as Anastasia Alekova

Episode features
Couch gagThe couch acts like a toaster and five pieces of toasted bread resembling the family pop out of the toaster. The toast that looks like Homer burns into a crisp and the Homer toast says "D'oh!" in response.
Episode chronology
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"Baby You Can't Drive My Car"
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"Werking Mom"
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"From Russia Without Love" is the 645th episode of The Simpsons and the sixth episode of season 30.


Moe stops reacting angrily to Bart's prank calls, so Bart ups his game by ordering Moe a mail order wife off the dark web. A beautiful woman named Anastasia shows up at the bar. Moe denies sending for her but allows her to stay. She transforms the bar into a high-class establishment.

Moe is smitten, but has had his heart broken too many times and refuses to become romantically involved. When Anastasia moves out and starts dating Krusty, he realizes his mistake and asks her to marry him. She agrees to honor the contract.

Meanwhile, Marge has discovered Bart's dealings on the dark web and gives him a series of punishments, including helping out at Moe's wedding. However, Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson have learned Russian off the dark web and realize the marriage contract is actually a legal document giving Anastasia all the rights to Moe's property.

When this is made known to Moe, Anastasia admits she is actually an American scam artist and proceeds to seduce Groundskeeper Willie by pretending to be Scottish.


Tony Sokol of Den of Geek gave the episode 3 and a half out of 5 points ranking, stating the episode "comes after a thawing on the crucible of social media fit a square peg into an oval orifice. There is no political commentary in the episode, and the social commentary is only on the catfish. The international incident turns out to be all too domestic. 'From Russia Without Love' is a long sad look into Moe. Something most communities prefer to avert their eyes from. But Springfield isn't just any neighborhood. It doesn't even know what state it's in. The episode ends on further sorrow as Nelson gets stranded on an outpost a planet away where smokes are hard to come by. Featuring the two secondary characters lets the series breathe a little less shallowly as The Simpsons 30th season finds them looking back at narrative and internal development."[1]

Dennis Perkins of The A.V. Club gave the episode a C+, stating "There’s just too little investment in the script (credited to Michael Ferris) in either the emotional side of Moe’s dilemma or the potential dark comedy inherent in the whole mail-order plot. Weirdly, I was put in mind of the early-run Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode (called 'Mail Order Bride') on the same subject, where at least that intermittently brilliant show’s grimy chaos felt at home to the latter theme...Here, 'From Russia Without Love' tries to go light and dark at once, and can’t manage either.[2]

“From Russia Without Love” scored a 4 share and was watched by 2.35 million viewers, making “The Simpsons” Fox’s highest rated show of the night.


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