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French Directory election, 1798

The French Directory election, 1798 renewed 150 deputies (one-third) of the French Council of Five Hundred.

The election was held in April and May and only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote

Directory election

French legislative election, 1798
French First Republic
← 1797 9–18 April 1798 1799 →

150 seats to the Council of Five Hundred
350 from the past legislature

Director before election

François de Neufchâteau

Elected Director

Jean Baptiste Treilhard

Name Tasks Party
Jean-François Rewbell Secretary (Foreign & Financial Affairs)   Thermidorian
Paul Barras Internal Affairs   Thermidorian
Philippe-Antoine Merlin War Affairs   Montagnard
Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux Culture and Religion Affairs   Thermidorian
Jean Baptiste Treilhard Junior Affairs   Maraisard

Legislative election

Party % Renewed seats Prior seats Tot. Seats
  Montagnards 70.7% 106 69 Decrease 175
  Thermidorians 29.3% 44 343 Increase 387
  Maraisards 200 Increase 245
  Royalists 387 Decrease 115
Total 100% 150 657 807