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Françoise Blanchard

Françoise Blanchard
Francoise 1982.jpg
Françoise Blanchard in La Morte Vivante
Born(1954-06-06)6 June 1954
Saint-Mandé, France
Died29 May 2013(2013-05-29) (aged 58)[1]
Caen, Calvados, France
OccupationHand model
Years active1979–2007
Notable work
La morte vivante (1982)

Françoise Blanchard (6 June 1954 – 29 May 2013) was a French actress. Her most notable work is that of her role in the 1982 French film La morte vivante, directed by Jean Rollin.[2] Blanchard had collaborated with Rollin on several occasions in films Les trottoirs de Bangkok (1984), À la poursuite de Barbara (1991) and La nuit des horloges (2007). She had worked frequently with directors Richard Balducci and Jesús Franco. She was also known for her work as a voice artist, having dubbed several animated television series including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Totally Spies!


Blanchard's career stretched from between the late 1970s until the early 1990s. She may have been best known for playing Catherine Valmont in 1982 horror La Morte Vivante (The Living Dead Girl), a film from Jean Rollin.

She also appeared in films by directors Jess Franco and Bruno Mattei. She recalled her career in an interview, which was featured on the Encore release of La Morte Vivante, she mentioned that it was a tragedy and a coincidence that started her career in the late 1970s. While trying to make ends meet as a hand model, she lost her brother in the late 1970. Around that same time she was offered her first role, coincidentally as someone who had also lost a family member. Françoise approached the part skeptically as she remembered that at that time she was, "aggressive against people but also a bit confused" due to the death of her brother. She enjoyed the experience and took a serious interest in acting, so decided to take acting lessons afterwards.[citation needed]

Blanchard soon became involved in several B movies when her career quickly became intertwined with the legendary Eurocine company. "I liked the feel of these B movies, especially horror", Françoise noted to Encore, which perhaps explains why she became so popular to several of the most noteworthy genre directors of the late 1970s. She also mentioned that she didn't mind nudity and even went so far as to pose for Lui Magazine in the early 1980s. After several films directors such as Pierre Chevalier, Françoise took a role in Bruno Mattei's Caligula and Messalina in 1981. The following year she appeared in Jess Franco's Revenge In The House Of Usher, and she liked Franco and admired his creativity and fire.[citation needed]

She then appeared in the La Morte Vivante with Rollin. The night shoot on the film was mostly difficult and there were many problems with the special effects but, despite some disagreements, she liked and admired Rollin and admitted to Encore that, "he is really nice and is very much there". She enjoyed working with and admired her co-star in the film, Italian actress Marina Pierro, and noted, "she is very maternal with me." Françoise worked again with Rollin in Les Trottoirs De Bangkok (The Sidewalks Of Bangkok), a film which she had a lot of fun making, and she appeared in his newest film production La nuit des horloges (The Night of Clocks) opposite Ovidie.[citation needed]


She died on 29 May 2013, eight days before her 59th birthday. The cause of death was not disclosed.[citation needed] She was fighting against cancer



Year Title Role Directed by Notes
1979 Les joyeuses colonies de vacances L'infirmière Michel Gérard
1980 Une si jolie petite fille Françoise Jacques Peroni
1980 Une maison bien tranquille Unnamed role Jean-Claude Strömme
1981 Caligula and Messalina Agrippina Bruno Mattei & Antonio Passalia
1981 Les brigades roses Unnamed role Jean-Claude Strömme
1981 La Maison Tellier La veuve Pierre Chevalier "The Tellier House"
1982 L'oasis des filles perdues Annie José Jara "Police Destination Oasis"
1982 Nerone e Poppea Unnamed role Bruno Mattei & Antonio Passalia
1982 N'oublie pas ton père au vestiaire... Juliette Richard Balducci
1982 Les p'tites têtes Paloma Bernard Menez
1982 La morte vivante Catherine Valmont Jean Rollin "The Living Dead Girl"
1983 Revenge in the House of Usher Melissa Jesús Franco French version
1983 On l'appelle Catastrophe La fille Richard Balducci
1983 L'émir préfère les blondes Sylvie Alain Payet
1984 Vénus Annie Jean Jabely & Sandy Whitelaw
1984 Les trottoirs de Bangkok Claudine Jean Rollin "The Sidewalks of Bangkok"
1985 Y'a pas le feu... Juliette Richard Balducci
1985 Le facteur de Saint-Tropez Maria Ficelle Richard Balducci
1986 Les amazones du temple d'or Blonde Amazon Alain Payet & Jesús Franco
1986 Sida, la peste del siglo XX Unnamed role Jesús Franco
1991 À la poursuite de Barbara Unnamed role Jean Rollin "Chasing Barbara"
1997 Alliance cherche doigt La femme de Chaneloup Jean-Pierre Mocky
2007 La nuit des horloges Unnamed role Jean Rollin "The Night of the Clocks"


Year Title Role Notes
1991 Lucky Luke Coyotito (voice) Season 2 – 6 episodes
1991 Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars Unnamed role (voice) Season 1, Episode 1 – "War of the Warts" (French dub)
1991 Little Dracula Unnamed role (voice) Unknown episode(s) (French dub)
1991–92 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unnamed role (voice) Season 5, Episode 2 – "Once Upon a Time Machine" (French dub)
Season 6, Episode 1 – "Rock Around the Block" (French dub)
1992 "Souris souris" Unnamed role (voice) Unknown episodes(s)
1996–97 Poil de carotte Remi / Agathe (voice) Unknown episode(s)
2000 Les globulyss Unnamed role (voice) Unknown episode(s)
2003–04 Martin Mystery Unnamed role (voice) Season 1, Episode 2 – "Terror from the Sky" (French dub)
Season 1, Episode 11 – "Return of the Dark Druid" (French dub)
2006 Team Galaxy Mrs. Roskoff (voice) Unknown episode(s)
2009–10 The Amazing Spiez! Unnamed role (voice) Season 1, Episode 2 – "Operation Dyno-might!" (French dub)
Season 2, Episode 14 – "Operation Trudy on Duty" (French dub)
2004–13 Totally Spies! Unnamed role (voice) Season 3, Episode 1 – "Physics 101 Much?" (French dub)
Season 6, Episode 1 – "The Anti-Social Network" (French dub)


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