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First Rockingham ministry

First Rockingham ministry
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Rockingham (1766)
Date formed 13 July 1765 (1765-07-13)
Date dissolved 30 July 1766 (1766-07-30)
People and organisations
Head of state George III
Head of government Lord Rockingham
Total no. of ministers 12 appointments
Member party Rockingham Whigs
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party Grenvillites
Legislature term(s) 12th GB Parliament
Predecessor Grenville ministry
Successor Chatham ministry

The First Rockingham ministry was a British ministry headed by the Marquess of Rockingham from 1765 to 1766 during the reign of King George III. The government was made up mainly of his followers known as the Rockingham Whigs. The most influential member of the government was the Duke of Newcastle, a former Prime Minister, who served as Lord Privy Seal. It is often referred to as the only government ever to have been made up almost entirely of members of the Jockey Club, with Rockingham himself being a prominent patron and follower of the turf. Rockingham was noted for his ignorance of foreign affairs, and his ministry failed to reverse the growing isolation of Britain within Europe (Simms 2008, p. 520).

The Rockingham ministry fell in 1766 and was replaced by one headed by William Pitt, later the Earl of Chatham.


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
  The Marquess of Rockingham* 13 July 1765 (1765-07-13) 30 July 1766 (1766-07-30) Whig
Lord Chancellor   The Earl of Northington 16 January 1761 (1761-01-16) 30 July 1766 (1766-07-30) Whig
Lord President of the Council   The Earl of Winchilsea 12 July 1765 (1765-07-12) 30 July 1766 (1766-07-30) Whig
Lord Privy Seal   The Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1765 (1765) 1766 (1766) Whig
Chancellor of the Exchequer   William Dowdeswell 16 July 1765 (1765-07-16) 2 August 1766 (1766-08-02) Whig
Secretary of State for the Northern Department   The Duke of Grafton 12 July 1765 (1765-07-12) 14 May 1766 (1766-05-14) Whig
  Henry Seymour Conway 23 May 1766 (1766-05-23) 20 January 1768 (1768-01-20) Whig
  Henry Seymour Conway 12 July 1765 (1765-07-12) 23 May 1766 (1766-05-23) Whig
Secretary of State for the Southern Department   The Duke of Richmond 23 May 1766 (1766-05-23) 29 July 1766 (1766-07-29) Whig
First Lord of the Admiralty   The Earl of Egmont 1763 (1763) 1766 (1766) Whig
Master-General of the Ordnance   The Marquess of Granby 1763 (1763) 1770 (1770) Independent
Minister without Portfolio   HRH The Duke of Cumberland 1765 (1765) 1766 (1766) Independent


  • October 1765 – The Duke of Cumberland, also the uncle of King George III, dies.
  • May 1766 – The Duke of Grafton resigns from the cabinet. Henry Seymour Conway succeeds him as Northern Secretary, and the Duke of Richmond succeeds Conway as Southern Secretary.

Ministers not in Cabinet


Preceded by
Grenville ministry
Government of Great Britain
Succeeded by
Chatham ministry