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Fali of Mubi

Fali of Mubi
Native toNigeria
RegionAdamawa State
Native speakers
25,000 (2010)[1]
  • Uroovin (Fali of Vimtim)
  • Bahuli (Fali of Bahuli)
  • Madzarin (Fali of Muchalla)
  • Uramɓwiin (Fali of Bagira)
Language codes
ISO 639-3fli

Fali, or Fali of Mubi after the local city, is a Chadic dialect cluster spoken in Nigeria, in Adamawa State in the Mubi North and Michika LGAs. It is one of several languages in the area that go by the generic name Fali.

Varieties are:[3]

Ɓween (Bagira). Autonyms Uramɓween (language), Cumɓween (people)
Huli (Bahuli). Autonyms Urahuli (language), Huli, Hul (people)
Madzarin (Muchalla). Autonyms Ura Madzarin (language), Madzarin (people)
Vin (Vimtim). Autonyms Uroovin (language), Uvin (people)


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