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Executive Council of New Brunswick

Executive Council of New Brunswick
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Agency overview
JurisdictionNew Brunswick
Agency executive
Parent departmentGovernment of New Brunswick

The Executive Council of New Brunswick (informally and more commonly, the Cabinet of New Brunswick) is the cabinet of that Canadian province.

Almost always made up of members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, the Cabinet is similar in structure and role to the Cabinet of Canada while being smaller in size. As federal and provincial responsibilities differ there are a number of different portfolios between the federal and provincial governments.

The Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, as representative of the Queen in Right of New Brunswick, appoints the council which advises him on the governance of the province, and is referred to as the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. Members of the Cabinet, who advise, or minister, the viceroy, are recommended by the Premier of New Brunswick and appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor. Most cabinet ministers are the head of a ministry, but this is not always the case.

As at the federal level the most important Cabinet post after that of the leader is Minister of Finance. Today the next most powerful position is certainly the health portfolio which has a vast budget and is of central political import. Other powerful porfolios include Education, Family & Community Services, Natural Resources and Transportation.

Current Cabinet

The current cabinet is led by Premier Blaine Higgs. The governing party is the Progressive Conservatives.

Minister Portfolio Since
Blaine Higgs Premier of New Brunswick November 9, 2018
President of the Executive Council
Robert Gauvin Deputy Premier of New Brunswick November 9, 2018
Minister of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture
Minister responsible for La Francophonie
Andrea Anderson-Mason Minister of Justice November 9, 2018
Minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation
Attorney General of New Brunswick
Ross Wetmore Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries November 9, 2018
Mary Wilson Minister of Economic Development and Small Business November 9, 2018
Minister responsible for Opportunities New Brunswick
Dominic Cardy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development November 9, 2018
Mike Holland Minister of Energy and Resource Development November 9, 2018
Jeff Carr Minister of Environment and Local Government November 9, 2018
Dorothy Shephard Minister of Social Development November 9, 2018
Minister responsible for the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation
Trevor Holder Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour November 9, 2018
Sherry Wilson Minister of Service New Brunswick November 9, 2018
Minister responsible for Women's Equality
Carl Urquhart Minister of Public Safety November 9, 2018
Jake Stewart Minister of Aboriginal Affairs November 9, 2018
Ted Flemming Minister of Health November 9, 2018
Bill Oliver Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure November 9, 2018
Ernie Steeves Minister of Finance November 9, 2018
President of the Treasury Board
Greg Thompson Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs November 9, 2018

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