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European Film Academy Achievement in World Cinema Award

The following is a list of the European Film Award winners for Achievement in World Cinema also known as the Outstanding European Achievement in World Cinema:


Year Nationality Recipient Work Nominations
1997 Czech Republic / United States Miloš Forman Director in The People vs. Larry Flynt
1998 Sweden Stellan Skarsgård Actor in Amistad and in Good Will Hunting

1999 Spain Antonio Banderas Actor in The 13th Warrior
Poland / France Roman Polanski Director in The Ninth Gate
2000 France Jean Reno Actor
Italy Roberto Benigni Director, actor
2001 United Kingdom Ewan McGregor Actor
2002 Spain Victoria Abril Actress
2003 Italy Carlo di Palma Cinematographer
2004 Norway Liv Ullmann Actor
2005 France Maurice Jarre Composer
2006 United Kingdom Jeremy Thomas Film producer
2007 Germany Michael Ballhaus Cinematographer
2008 Denmark Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Director, composer
Denmark Kristian Levring Director
Denmark Lars von Trier Director
Denmark Thomas Vinterberg Director
2009 France Isabelle Huppert Actor
2010 Lebanon / France Gabriel Yared Composer
2011 Denmark Mads Mikkelsen Actor
2012 United Kingdom Helen Mirren Actor
2013 Spain Pedro Almodóvar Director
2014 United Kingdom Steve McQueen Director
2015 GermanyAustria Christoph Waltz[1] Actor and Director
2016 Republic of Ireland Pierce Brosnan Actor
2017 France Julie Delpy[2] Actress, screenwriter, director
2018 United Kingdom Ralph Fiennes[3] Actor, director
2019 France Juliette Binoche[4] Actress


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