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Dumpas language

Native speakers
1,100 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3dmv

Dumpas is a Dusunic language of Malaysia.


Although King & King (1984) classifies Dumpas as Paitanic, Lobel (2013:396-398) classifies Dumpas as a Dusunic language that is particularly closely related to Sungai Karamuak (also called Sukang), but has been heavily influenced by neighboring Paitanic languages.

Presently, Dumpas is located north of Beluran town, where it is surrounded by Paitanic languages such as Sungai Paitan, Tombonuwo, Lingkabau, and Sungai Beluran (Lobel 2013). Tidung and Tausug are also spoken in the area.


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