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Du Yu

Du Yu
A Qing dynasty portrait of Du Yu
Colonel-Director of Retainers (司隸校尉)
In office
285 (285) – 285 (285)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Senior General Who Guards the South
In office
278 (278) – 285 (285)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Preceded byYang Hu
General of Light Chariots (輕車將軍)
In office
270 (270) – 278 (278)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Colonel of the Eastern Qiang (東羌校尉)
In office
270 (270) – 278 (278)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Inspector of Qin Province (秦州刺史)
In office
270 (270) – 278 (278)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Military Judge under the General Who Stabilises the West (安西將軍軍司)
In office
270 (270) – 270 (270)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Intendant of Henan (河南尹)
In office
265 or after (265 or after) – 274 or before (274 or before)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Chief Clerk under the General Who Guards the West (鎮西將軍長史)
In office
263 (263) – 263 (263)
MonarchCao Huan
Army Adviser (參軍)
In office
259 (259) – 263 (263)
MonarchCao Mao / Cao Huan
Gentleman of Writing (尚書郎)
In office
? (?) – 259 (259)
MonarchCao Mao
Personal details
Xi'an, Shaanxi
Died285 (aged 63)
Dengzhou, Henan
Spouse(s)Princess Gaolu
  • Du Ji (grandfather)
  • Du Bin (cousin)
  • Du Zhi (cousin)
  • Du Yi (grandson)
  • Du Lingyang (great-granddaughter)
  • Du Xi
  • Du Ji
  • Du Dan
  • Du Yin
FatherDu Shu
OccupationPolitician, general, scholar
Courtesy nameYuankai (元凱)
Posthumous nameMarquis Cheng (成侯)
PeerageMarquis of Dangyang

Du Yu (222–285), courtesy name Yuankai, was a Chinese politician, military general and Confucian scholar of the state of Cao Wei during the late Three Kingdoms period and early Jin dynasty.


Du Yu was from Duling County (杜陵縣), Jingzhao Commandery (京兆郡), which is located northwest of present-day Xi'an, Shaanxi. He married a sister of Sima Zhao, the regent of the Cao Wei state from 255 to 263 and the father of Sima Yan (Emperor Wu), later the first emperor of the Jin dynasty (265–420).

A prolific author, Du Yu was a self-proclaimed addict of the Zuo Zhuan and wrote an influential commentary to it. He was one of the most important commanders under the Wei general Zhong Hui during the conquest of Wei's rival state, Shu. He also followed in leading an army in the Jin dynasty's conquest of the state of Eastern Wu. Du Yu managed to lay waste to the Wu army with great force in not the greatest of length of time, and received the surrender of Sun Hao, the last Wu emperor.

Du Yu was also the ancestor of the Tang dynasty poet Du Fu. Unlike his predecessors, Du Yu used the Zuo Zhuan to comment on the Chunqiu Classic. He therefore combined the two books in one, which has been the common practice since.

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